Neneh Cherry’s daughter, an unsigned rapper and a former backing singer for Pulp all make the longlist for BBC Music’s Sound Of 2016.

Mary-Kate Olsen tied the knot over the weekend, and celebrates with a few cigs.

ELEX Wireless - Clash of Kings - CoK  artwork

Clash of Kings – CoK

ELEX Wireless

Genre: Games

Release Date: December 29, 2014

Conquer kingdoms and villages in Clash of Kings – Last Empire, a new RTS RPG multiplayer war game that pits your army against friends and enemies all over the world in a battle for towns and cities. Do you have what it takes to stand amongst lords and lead your army?
Build massive cities and compete in online multiplayer battles in a classic clash of clans. Reinforce your city and build your town to be strong enough to defend itself against evil lords and armies threatening to invade.
Are you ready to join thousands of other clans in a war to control kingdoms? Build up your army, battle enemies and manage your city’s resources to become one of the most powerful lords of all in Clash of Kings – Last Empire!
Build your city and prepare for action
-You never know when you’ll have to battle against other clans. Your town needs to house a strong army and be well defended in battle. Build your city and upgrade your castle, fortress, army barracks, hospital and more to defend yourself in PVP multiplayer battles and sudden PVE enemy attacks. Will you be prepared for action?
Multiplayer PVP war battles online
– You’re not the only person building an empire! Play PVP online against thousands of other players in the best real time strategy MMO game. Prevent a siege by building up your town. Send out your army to take over other cities. Collect their resources and conquer their empire.
Build strong alliances with others
– Build alliances with other lords and leaders around the world. Clash of Kings – Last Empire is an online RTS MMO RPG that designates you as the army’s leader. Join alliances to help yourself and others. Join like-minded army leaders and help each other build cities, upgrade buildings or battle enemy armies. In this real time strategy game, your alliances can make or break you.
Real-time strategy and resource management
– A strong army needs its food and housing. Build farms and sawmills to gain resources to strengthen your city and your army. Earn coins for every quest completed and resources from every harvest. Build defenses for your city with all of your harvests.
The bigger you build your empire, the more enemies you create. Other clans of enemies will try and break down your city and your strength in this RTS PVE and PVP MMO war game. Always be ready for action as you march with your army into battle for your land or to take someone else’s.
Are you ready to stand as your town’s leader? Start building your empire and lead your army into epic multiplayer strategy battles today in Clash of Kings – Last Empire!
Need help or more support for this RTS MMO war and army building game?
Connect with Clash of Kings – Last Empire!
– Facebook:
– Twitter:

© © Elex

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith has been downgraded and is now listed as out for the Atlanta Falcons game because of a knee injury.

Christian McCaffrey breaks Reggie Bush’s Pac-12 single-season record for all-purpose yards

More flexible terms on price fluctuations and investment risks to lure foreign energy companies

SYDNEY (Reuters) – World number one and reigning champion Jordan Spieth hit a stunning eagle at the 17th and birdied the last to move into second place behind local Matt Jones after the third round of the Australian Open on Saturday.

MacMall’s annual Cyber Monday sale offering discounts on Macs and several other Apple products starts today, November 28, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time and lasts through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, November 30.

Following its 60-hour Black Friday sale, MacMall continues to offer significant discounts on a huge selection of Apple Macs and iPads. The Retina MacBook Pro is available at up to $259 off, while the MacBook Air is available for up to $100 off. The 27-inch iMac is available at up to $200 off, and the Mac mini is available at up to $70 off.


MacMall sells a range of stock Apple Macs and custom build-to-order models. We’ve listed a selection of the more popular discounted models below, but the full range of discounts are available on the MacMall website.

2015 Retina MacBook

– 1.1GHz/8GB/256GB Gold, Silver, Space Gray – $1,199, $100 off

– 1.2GHz/8GB/512GB Gold, Silver, Space Gray – $1,499, $100 off

– 1.3GHz/8GB/256GB Gold, Silver, Space Gray – $1,489, $60 off

– 1.3GHz/8GB/512GB Gold, Silver, Space Gray – $1,689, $60 off

2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

2.7GHz/8GB/128GB – $1,229, $70 off

2.7GHz/8GB/256GB – $1,399, $100 off

2.9GHz/8GB/512GB – $1,699, $100 off

2.7GHz/16GB/256GB – $1,599, $100 off

2.9GHz/16GB/256GB – $1,699, $100 off

2.9GHz/16GB/512GB – $1,929, $70 off

3.1GHz/16GB/256GB – $1,899, $100 off

3.1GHz/16GB/512GB – $2,099, $100 off

3.1GHz/16GB/1TB – $2,597, $102 off

2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro

15-inch 2015 Retina MacBook Pro models are available for up to $259 off. Models marked Iris AMD include a separate AMD graphics card while models marked Iris Pro do not.

2.2GHz/16GB/256GB/Iris Pro – $1,839.99, $159.01 off

2.5GHz/16GB/256GB/Iris Pro – $1,839.99, $259.01 off

2.5GHz/16GB/512GB/Iris Pro – $2,239, $160 off

2.5GHz/16GB/512GB/Iris AMD – $2,299, $200 off

2.5GHz/16GB/1TB/Iris AMD – $2,829, $170 off

2.8GHz/16GB/256GB/Iris Pro – $2,139, $160 off

2.8GHz/16GB/512GB/Iris Pro – $2,449, $150 off

2.8GHz/16GB/512GB/Iris AMD – $2,539, $160 off

2.8GHz/16GB/1TB/Iris AMD – $2,974, $225 off

2015 MacBook Air

MacMall’s selection of MacBook Air models are available at a $50 to $100 discount.

11-inch 1.6GHz/4GB/128GB – $829, $70 off

11-inch 1.6GHz/4GB/256GB – $1,029, $70 off

11-inch 1.6GHz/8GB/256GB – $1,148, $51 off

11-inch 2.2GHz/8GB/256GB – $1,289, $60 off

11-inch 2.2GHz/8GB/512GB – $1,579, $70 off

13-inch 1.6GHz/4GB/128GB – $899, $100 off

13-inch 1.6GHz/4GB/256GB – $1,129, $70 off

13-inch 1.6GHz/8GB/256GB – $1,239, $60 off

13-inch 1.6GHz/8GB/512GB – $1,529, $70 off

13-inch 2.2GHz/8GB/256GB – $1,379, $70 off

13-inch 2.2GHz/8GB/512GB – $1,679, $70 off

2015 21.5-inch iMac

1.4GHz/8GB/1TB – $1,019, $80 off

2.8GHz/8GB/1TB – $1,199, $100 off

2.8GHz/8GB/1TB Fusion – $1,349, $50 off

2.8GHz/16GB/1TB Fusion – $1,549, $50 off

4K 3.1GHz/8GB/1TB – $1,399, $100 off

4K 3.1GHz/16GB/1TB – $1,629, $70 off

4K 3.3GHz/8GB/1TB Fusion – $1,729, $70 off

2015 27-inch iMac

5K 3.2GHz/8GB/1TB/M380 – $1,699, $100 off

5K 3.2GHz/8GB/1TB Fusion/M390 – $1,829, $170 off

5K 3.2GHz/8GB/2TB Fusion/M380 – $2,029, $70 off

5K 3.2GHz/16GB/1TB Fusion/M390 – $2,129, $70 off

5K 3.3GHz/8GB/2TB Fusion/M395 – $2,179, $120 off

5K 3.3GHz/16GB/2TB Fusion/M395 – $2,429, $70 off

5K 4.0GHz/8GB/2TB Fusion/M395 – $2,479, $70 off

5K 4.0GHz/16GB/2TB Fusion/M395 – $2,669, $80 off

5K 4.0GHz/16GB/3TB Fusion/M395 – $2,769, $80 off

5K 4.0/32GB/2TB Fusion/M395X – $3,279, $120 off

5K 4.0/32GB/3TB Fusion/M395X – $3,379, $120 off

5K 4.0/32GB/1TB Flash/M395X – $3,899, $200 off

2013 Mac Pro

4-Core 3.7GHz/12GB/256GB – $2,749, $250 off

6-Core 3.5GHz/16GB/256GB – $3,699, $300 off

8-Core 3.0GHz/12GB/1TB – $6,349, $450 off

12-Core 2.7GHz/64GB/1TB – $8,799, $800 off

2014 Mac mini

1.4GHz/4GB/500GB – $464.99, $34.01 off

2.6GHz/8GB/1TB Sata – $659, $40 off

2.8GHz/8GB/1TB Fusion – $938, $61 off

MacMall is offering iPad Air 2 models at $21 to $40 off 16, 64, and 128GB Wi-Fi only models and up to $40 off the more expensive high-capacity cellular models. The original iPad Air is available for up to $35 off, and the iPad mini 4 is available for up to $20 off. The 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad Pro in Silver, Space Gray and Gold is $25 off, while other Wi-Fi only and cellular models are $12 off.

MacMall is also offering the Apple Thunderbolt Display for $949, which is $50 off, and between $10 and $25 off select iPod touch models. 16GB iPod nano models are $10 off. AirPort Extreme (2013) and Airport Time Capsule (2TB) are each discounted by around $20, and select Apple accessories are on sale.

As one of the only sites that sells Apple’s build-to-order Mac models at a discount, MacMall is a popular choice for customers looking for a non-standard Mac at a lower price. Because MacMall operates in a limited number of states, most orders will not require sale tax to be paid.

Make sure to check out our Cyber Monday Deals roundup for more online deals. There are some excellent discounts this year on a range of products, including iPhones, iPads and Macs, in addition to dozens of Apple-related accessories.

MacRumors is an affiliate partner with MacMall. Juli Clover contributed to this roundup.

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Dumper Truck

Dumper Truck Play this truck game and feel the adrenaline that surrounds you. Smash every car or any other obstacle that stands in your way because your truck is fitted with huge wheels. The game has 4 levels but you only get 5 lives. Use them carefuly because if you run out of lives, the game is over.

Nov 27 (Reuters) – Rupert Murdoch, co-chairman of Wall Street Journal publisher News Corp, on Friday said he had “strong word” that the Tribune Publishing Co’s newspaper group will be bought by a…

Alicia Vikander stars alongside Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.

At lest six people, four of them police officers, are injured in an exchange of fire inside a Planned Parenthood clinic in US city of Colorado Springs.

Extinct archosaurs’ eggshell porosity may be used as a proxy for predicting covered or exposed nest types, according to a study published November 25, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Kohei Tanaka from the University of Calgary and colleagues.

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Vtech, a company which specialises in electronic toys and educational material for children, confirmed that it has been hacked.

Barclays fined for ‘elephant deal’; Amazon, VW and Rolls-Royce also featured

In the Washington Post blog “PostPartisan,” Jonathan Capehart describes Donald Trump as “the Big Apple billionaire” who “gleefully dances through the nativist, racist, misogynistic slop as if he were Gene Kelly in ‘Singing [sic] in the Rain.”

Donald Trump’s toxic comments about immigrants and women are completely counter to the spirit of my late husband Gene Kelly and his brilliantly-conceived and executed dance numbers. A true Renaissance man, Gene grasped the complexities of our cultural heritage. He spoke multiple languages, had a firm understanding of history, literature, economics (his major in college), politics and of our fundamental human rights.

A child of the Depression, Gene grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood in Pittsburgh that he described as “polyglot,” with surnames ranging from Goldvarg, Lefkowitz, Litschge, Magidson, Madden, Edmonson, Tillery, Quinn, Klein, and Snee. His own father emigrated from Canada, his grandfather from Ireland. His grandmother’s family, according to lore, joined Charles Carroll of Carrollton in the more Catholic-tolerant colony of Maryland. His mother was a progressive advocate for women’s rights, who, despite WWI fears of all things German, believed in early education and sent her young children to “kindergarten.”

An Irish Catholic, Gene felt the sting of prejudice for his religion as the Klan burned crosses on the hillsides to protest Al Smith’s campaign in 1928 and fraternities excluded him from membership. Rebuffed in high school and college because of his economic status, he saw himself as an “outcast,” a feeling that governed his actions — including his choreography and unique style of dance — his entire life. Knowing what it was like to be at the bottom of the heap, he repeatedly stood against discrimination, and always rooted for the underdog and those less fortunate than he.

Not only would Gene be appalled by Trump’s deplorable words and actions, he would be stricken that such depravity could be tolerated — and, sadly, even celebrated — in a race for President of the United States.

Mr. Capehart is spot on in his assessment of Trump’s destructive “deviancy” and, surely, he intended Gene no slight. I only wish he had found a more suitable simile for Mr. Trump and his “slop” than to link him with one of the brightest and most decent artists of the 20th century; a man of great integrity who devoted his life to creating a particularly American art form that now, more than 60 years later, continues to bring joy around the world.

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By Derek Harper, The Sports Xchange
Seattle Seahawks (5-5)-Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4): NFL game preview

So, you just bought a new shiny laptop and you are uncomfortable about the possibility to see it stolen and lost forever? There are many things you can do to help you recover your laptop after such an unfortunate thing happens, and almost all of them involve some kind of tracking software. Here is a quick guide on how to set up easy to use tools that will help you locate your stolen laptop.

Bitstrips - Bitmoji Keyboard - Your Avatar Emoji  artwork

Bitmoji Keyboard – Your Avatar Emoji


Genre: Utilities

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji – that you can use right from your keyboard!

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a growing library of moods and stickers – featuring YOU!
• Use it in iMessage, WhatsApp and more

If you’re one of the millions of people with a Bitstrips avatar: Just download and sign into the app with Facebook – your unique collection of Bitmoji is already waiting for you!

© © Bitstrips Inc.

The government has placed an export bar on a rare painting of St Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child by artist Dieric Bouts.

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius indicates Syrian regime forces could join battle against Isis

  • 120: Resting heart rate of average Black Friday shopper
  • 3 A.M.: Time cashier currently being screamed at about coupon code had to wake up to be here today
  • 34%: Percentage of moms who will have all their Christmas shopping done after this, thank God
  • 16: Average PSI of foot applied to another human’s back
  • 91.9: Station to keep your dial tuned to if you want to win a $250—count it—$250 Target gift card for a Black Friday shopping spree!
  • 92116 AD: Date this year’s purchases will complete decomposing
  • 1,670: Births that will be missed by those waiting in line outside of a Best Buy
  • 559,000: Number of people currently browsing Amazon for same headphones as you
  • 0: Number of retail company CEOs going into work today


Updated on every Friday


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S2 Ep.3


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iphone-6s-plus-4 With each passing year, Apple releases a new iPhone. And with each passing year, I’m faced with the question of upgrading. On one hand, I want to be practical and save money. My phone still works great and runs the latest version of iOS without limitation, so it’s not imperative that I upgrade. On the other hand, the nerd in me wants the new phone for all the new functionality… Read More

Adam Fleming meets the people restoring the roof of Rome’s Colosseum.

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