Two young children survive after their father jumps off a bridge with them in the US state of New Jersey.

Sir Bradley Wiggins starts his final British event before retiring, and his first race since his use of a banned steroid was revealed.

Pop star Justin Timberlake may be in trouble with the law after he posted a photo of his US election ballot on social media.

Donald Trump says presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s plan for Syria would lead to “World War Three”.

Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer LawrenceNo one wants to pit two powerful women against each other, but that’s kind of what will inevitably happen soon between these two A-listers.
Leading ladies Scarlett Johansson and…

Twenty years have passed since Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced. But after all these years, there’s still one member of the royal family Fergie finds intimidating: Her former mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II. (Hey, who wouldn’t be a little nervous in the queen’s presence? The woman is fierce.) 

“I always get really nervous before meeting the boss,” Fergie said during an interview on KIIS FM in Sydney, Australia.

The 57-year-old Duchess of York was quick to clarify that her former MIL always puts her at ease. 

“Oh, of course, she’s brilliant,” she said. “She makes you feel comfortable within the first five seconds.” 

Though Fergie’s 1996 split from Prince Andrew was a messy one (the tabloids accused Fergie of cheating, with lurid pictures as proof), the exes have maintained a close bond since the divorce. As recently as 2015, they lived together at Prince Andrew’s home at the Royal Lodge and both remain a strong presence in the lives of their daughters, Beatrice, 28 and Eugenie, 26.

As any devoted royal follower can tell you, there have been been rumors of a possible reconciliation for the pair for years. When the KIIS FM hosts asked Fergie if she’d ever get back together with Andrew, she gave a rather cryptic response. 

“Well, I always think ― we’re divorced to each other right now…so we never really left each other,” she said. 

Fergie has addressed the remarriage rumors before. While promoting her latest children’s book at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival in 2013, the duchess responded to questions about a possible reconciliation.

“[Andrew’s] still my handsome prince, he’ll always be my handsome prince,” she said. “It’s lovely that we are such a family and the story has a happy ending all the time.”

OK, we’re really pulling for a royal reconciliation now. 

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“Don’t play stupid / don’t play dumb / vagina’s where you’re really from!*” These glorious words comprise the powerful (and dangerously catchy) chorus to Pussy Riot’s new song “Straight Outta Vagina.”

The danceable number, which features Desi Mo and Leikeli47, is the latest from the Russian punk group, the members of which spent 16 days in a Russian prison after criticizing Vladimir Putin in their 2012 performance “Punk Prayer.” 

In their newest song, Pussy Riot lodges their message at Putin’s non-best friend Donald Trump, whose history of verbally and physically abusing women is truly sickening. 

It’s ironic, Pussy Riot reminds us, that the man who so cavalierly bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy” owes his very existence to it. Although it’s hard to listen to the song without thinking of all that’s at stake in this maddening current political climate, the powerful lyrics are about so much more.

This song could be considered an answer to Trump,” Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova told The Guardian. “But I believe the idea of powerful female sexuality is much bigger than any populist megalomaniac man … Vagina is bigger than Trump.”

Check out the full video below, and keep reading to memorize the lyrics. Nasty women of the world, we hope you’re singing them all the way to the ballot box.

*We don’t know if Trump was born via Caesarean section ― and frankly, he probably doesn’t either ― but we assume Pussy Riot is using “vagina” pretty loosely here.

Does your vagina have a brand?
Let your vagina start a band
If your vagina lands in prison
Then the world is gonna listen
My vagina is tough and dangerous
Shaking up the major labels
Vagina gonna take the stage
Cuz vagina’s got a lot to say
Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from

Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from
(Where you from?)
(Where you from?)

Vagina gonna win the race
Vagina gonna play in space
Vagina gonna top the charts
Vaginas fill your shopping carts

Vaginas in the art museum
And people buying tickets just to see ‘em
Put your pussy on a diet
Then paparazzi gonna start a riot
Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from

Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from
(Where you from?)
(Where you from?)
We got pussy for days
Back up, pussy don’t play
First they come and then they stay

You gon’ always gonna find it when you need it
You gone’ always come back and repeat it
Oh, cuz you know where home is
Go down like you know what dome is

Woah now man I’m losin focus
Va jay jay on hocus pocus
Don’t act like you don’t notice
Girls run it like U.S. Open
Throw a fit right now (right now)
Put up a fist right now (right now)
Cuz you the shit right now (right now)
Probably acting like a bitch right now
Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from

Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from
(Where you from?)
(Where you from?)
My pussy my pussy
Is sweet just like a cookie
It goes to work
It makes the beats
It’s CEO, no rookie
From senator to bookie
We run this shit, go lookie
You can turn any page, any race, any age
From Russia to the states
We tearing up the place
I rip shit like Sinead O’Connor
I wear my vag as a badge of honor
I take pride in the way we rise
One love to Maya Angelou, the 8th world wonder
How we do it all sometimes I wonder
I could play nice so I can bring that thunder
So sad I gotta end right here
But this vagina gotta go make them numbers
Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from

Don’t play stupid
Don’t play dumb
Vagina’s where you’re really from
(Where you from?)
(Where you from?)”

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly

political violence
and is a
style=”font-weight: 400;”>serial liar
style=”font-weight: 400;”>rampant xenophobe

style=”font-weight: 400;”>misogynist
>birther who has
repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from
entering the U.S.

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Mobile payments are all the rage among tech companies, but how successful have they been, really? Quite successful, if you ask Apple. While discussing its latest earnings, the Cupertino firm revealed that Apple Pay purchases were up 500 percent year-…

One mom’s love for fairy tales sparked the idea for a magical mural in her daughter’s room.

Jennifer Treece of Livonia, Michigan, painted a mural inspired by the Disney movie “Tangled” for her daughter, 8-year-old Gianna. The mural on Gianna’s bedroom wall features the movie’s famous floating lanterns and its characters, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, in a boat on the water.

Treece has always had an interest in art, but she only began painting seven years ago.

“I have been creative since I was a child, but I chickened out in art school right away and switched to advertising,” she told The Huffington Post. “I attended one of the best art schools, the College for Creative Studies, but I never even took a painting class.”

After about a decade of not thinking about fine art, Treece took some painting lessons with a colleague and painted a vineyard in one of her friend’s dining rooms. Now, she especially loves painting pieces inspired by fairy tales. The “Tangled” mural she painted took 60 hours, and her daughter was there every step of the way.

“She saw me painting it from beginning to finish. She would come home from school and run in her room to see what progress I had made,” Treece said. “I always had the movie playing on repeat as I painted and after it was completed she said she missed seeing me paint and hearing the movie playing.”

Now that the mural is complete, Treece and her daughter love reading books before bed and admiring her work. The talented mom plans to add a few more finishing touches to make the mural come to life even more.

“I plan to paint some clear UV paint over the lanterns and put a black light between her bed and the wall and I’m pretty sure they’ll actually look like they’re glowing,” she said.

Treece has also done paintings featuring Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Sleeping Beauty. She told HuffPost she can’t put her love for fairy tales into words and lets her art do the talking for her. Treece especially enjoys Disney-inspired pieces because of the nostalgia they bring.

“It gives me genuine joy,” she said. “I love playing the movie while I paint and its like I’m transported into my favorite worlds and I get to create my very own scenes in them. It feels magical.”

Treece hopes to one day become a licensed Disney artist as well as a children’s book illustrator, two occupations that will ensure her love for art will last a long time. 

“Similar to when you finish a good book and you don’t want it to end, I get to jump back in and spend time there and make my own creations in them,” she said.

See more photos of the “Tangled” mural below. For more of Treece’s work, head to her site or her Facebook

H/T ABC News

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DUBLIN (Reuters) – Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) vice president John Delaney resigned on Tuesday, becoming the first board member to quit since its chief, Pat Hickey, was charged in Brazil over an alleged scheme to sell Olympic tickets illegally.

Donnie Wahlberg just had his biggest record in 25 years, but it’s for selfies, not songs.

Wahlberg set a record for “Most Selfies In 3 Minutes” by posing for 122 of them while on board the New Kids on The Block cruise in Cozumel, Mexico, Guinness announced in a news release.

In the process, Wahlberg, who currently stars on the CBS series “Blue Bloods,” broke the old record of 119 set by members of Aruba, a company in Singapore.

Wahlberg is no new kid on the block when it comes to attempting selfie world records.

The teen-idol-turned-TV-star attempted to set a record on last year’s NKOTB cruise, but fell short after Guinness officials reviewed his evidence. 

Not everyone on the ship got to share in the world record attempt. The cruise, now in its 8th year, had 3,000 passengers in all.

Ironically, when Wahlberg posed for a photo with his Guinness certificate, he chose not to do it as a selfie.

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Middle-aged parents might be expected to brew up some totally cheesy Halloween costumes, but Brooke Bogin’s parents re-defined “parent humor” with their hilariously raunchy costumes this year.

The 22-year-old posted a photo of her parents getting ready to party at a Halloween shindig over the weekend. We didn’t get it at first … but once we read the description, we knew Scott and Karen were the coolest folks around.

A dill pickle and a deer? Seems innocent enough … but wait. There’s definitely something “punny” about these costumes.

“He’s a dill pickle. She’s a female deer. Together they’re a “dill-doe.” And also my heroes, the 22-year-old wrote.

Bogin told Buzzfeed her fun-loving parents really outdid themselves this year with their costume idea.

“This is one of the first years they are ‘empty nesters’ so they have a lot more time to devote to fun things like this party they went to,” she told BuzzFeed. “I always joke that they have more of a social life than I do!”

There you have it. Scott and Karen. Empty-nester #goals. 


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Child migrants living in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp are allegedly given contradictory guidance

Iraqi soldiers near the centre of the stronghold of so-called Islamic State in the fight for Mosul.

Apple-Pay-250x434 (1) copyDuring today’s fourth quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted the significant growth Apple saw in its services category, which is up 24 percent year over year.

In the quarter, Apple’s services segment, which consists of the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, AppleCare, and more, brought in $6.3 billion, up from $5 billion in the year-ago quarter.

According to Cook, services growth is driven by continued increases in App Store revenue and the growing popularity of Apple Music. Revenue from Apple Music was up 22 percent in Q4 2016 compared to Q4 2015.

Apple Pay is also seeing steady growth. Apple Pay transactions are up over 500 percent, and in September of 2016, Apple saw more Apple Pay transactions than across all of fiscal 2015.

All in all, Apple has nearly doubled services revenue in the last four years and expects the services category to reach the size of a Fortune 100 company in 2017.

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Gabriel Gatehouse analyses why Russia increasingly sees the world differently from the West.

Senate Democrats are urging their Republican colleagues to dump a controversial “religious liberty” provision as they draft a final version of the National Defense Authorization Act.

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The orchestra’s fortunes have improved in the years since JoAnn Falletta took over, and she hopes to make it more central to the city’s identity.

Kanye West, Justin BieberJustin Bieber is both a friend and big fan of Kanye West. So perhaps without necessarily meaning to, he’s been ripping a few pages from the Yeezy playbook.
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This documentary looks at the rock group’s founding members, Liam and Noel Gallagher, through older footage and animated re-creations.

apple-christmas-hatApple today forecasted between $76 billion and $78 billion in revenue for the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, reflecting a three-month period between September and December, signaling the company’s return to growth in the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Apple’s lower-end guidance of $76 billion would be enough to eclipse the $75.9 billion in revenue it reported in the year-ago period, putting an end to the company’s downturn after its first annual revenue decline since 2001 and three consecutive quarters of negative growth.

Apple’s decline through the first nine months of 2016 was in line with the iPhone’s first-ever drop in sales, while iPad and Mac sales also shrunk during the year. However, the strength of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, alongside Apple’s growing services category, should help reverse that trend over the next three months. In the quarter just ended, Apple’s revenue from services like the App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud grew 24% to an all-time record of $6.3 billion.

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Apple CarPlay Maps More details about Apple’s software team for its not-so-secret car project are emerging. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has hired quite a few engineers in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata. The company also opened an office there and could be developing its car operating system from there. The reason why Kanata is so hot right now is because BlackBerry’s QNX office… Read More

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Daniel Sturridge scores twice as Liverpool overcome Tottenham 2-1 at Anfield to reach the EFL Cup quarter-finals.

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