Wikipedia issues near-total ban on Daily Mail sources

As a rule, Wikipedia accepts most any publication as an article source. If the information is credible and verifiable, it doesn't usually matter where it comes from. However, it just made one giant exception. The online encyclopedia has issued a n…

Craig Newmark puts $500K towards reducing harassment on Wikipedia

wikipedia-down Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has donated half a million dollars towards Wikipedia’s “Community health initiative,” aimed at reducing harassment and vandalism on the site and improve the tools moderators use every day to keep the peace. Read More

How artificial intelligence can be corrupted to repress free speech

The internet was supposed to become an overwhelming democratizing force against illiberal administrations. It didn't. It was supposed to open repressed citizens eyes, expose them to new democratic ideals and help them rise up against their authoritar…

To the Moon! Lunar XPRIZE team looks to send Wikipedia into space aboard homemade rover

PTS lunar rover Quick: you can send 20 gigabytes of data to the moon. What’s it going to be? Time’s up!
Wikipedia? What a coincidence — that’s what the Part-Time Scientists, a team working on a homegrown lunar rover for Google’s Lunar XPRIZE, decided too! And they’re really planning to bring Wikipedia to the Moon. Read More

App-Improvement AI And The Future Of Web Development

brain-apps Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating our lives — just not in the ways we might have expected from reading sci-fi novels or watching robot apocalypse-themed movies. Instead of having live robots walking around, doing our dishes and engaging us in conversation, AI exists primarily in web and mobile apps designed to help us with small intellectual chores, like finding out when the… Read More

The Wikimedia Foundation Turns On HTTPS By Default Across All Sites, Including Wikipedia

wikipedia-down The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia and a number of other wiki-based projects, announced this morning that it’s now implementing HTTPS by default across all its sites in order to encrypt its traffic. The decision, it says, will make it harder for governments and other third parties to monitor users’ traffic, and will make it more difficult for Internet Service… Read More

Wikipedia’s New iOS App Sees An Improved Design, Adds Social Features With Shareable “Fact Cards”

iosshareafactleadfiller The Wikimedia Foundation has been steadily rolling out updates to the Wikipedia mobile experience in recent months, and today that trend continues as the organization rolls out a brand-new iOS app. This release is focused on improvements to the visual design of Wikipedia’s app, better search, and includes the addition of social features that allow you to share facts and images with… Read More

Wikipedia Picks Up $140,000 In Bitcoin Donations In One Week

bitcoin-perfecthue In late July, Wikipedia announced that it would accept donations in bitcoin. In its first week of accepting bitcoin, Wikipedia racked up $140,000 in new funds, according to Coinbase, the service that powers its cryptocurrency influx. CoinDesk, a publication that tracks bitcoin and other alternative, digital currencies heralds the news as suggesting “the staying power of digital… Read More