Facebook inks deal with Warner Music for tunes in shared videos

Using background music that you don't own or license the rights to in a video is enough to get it pulled from Facebook. That's why the social network has been pursuing licensing deals with music labels. Now, Variety reports that Facebook has signed a…

US music sales keep climbing thanks to streaming

Last year, streaming generated more money in the US for the music business than all other forms of distribution for the first time ever, and that trend is continuing in spades. In the first half of 2017, the industry raked in just under $4 billion, u…

Spotify’s deal with Warner Music clears path to going public

Spotify just signed a deal with Warner Music to secure its artists for the streaming service's users worldwide. This is the last big label after Universal Music Group, Merlin and Sony to renew ties with Spotify, and now pretty much everyone's on boar…

YouTube and Warner extend their streaming music deal

YouTube's relationships with music labels have certainly been fraught, but it just managed to reach a truce with one of them… at least, for now. The streaming service and Warner have extended licensing deals that will make sure Warner and its arti…

Spotify might delay album releases for ‘free’ users

Spotify's deadlock with three of the largest music labels could soon come to an end. According to the Financial Times, the streaming company has agreed to 'window' important album releases to keep them on side. It would mean select records are only a…

SoundCloud Confirms Licensing Deal With Warner Music Group

soundcloud-warner SoundCloud, the user-created audio streaming platform currently used by 175 million unique listeners each month, confirmed today that it has inked its first licensing deal with one of the major record labels: the Warner Music Group — whose roster includes David Guetta, The Flaming Lips and Sheryl Crow — will partner with the streaming company around its ad-supported, creator… Read More

The Wizard of Oz celebrates 75th Anniversary this fall with IMAX, Blu-ray 3D releases

The Wizard of Oz celebrates 75th Anniversary this fall with IMAX, Bluray 3D releases

While many remember the moment Dorothy stepped out into the Technicolor land of Oz, Warner is aiming to make that moment even grander with a 75th anniversary Wizard of Oz re-release this fall. The plans call for a week-long IMAX 3D run (similar to recent releases like Jurassic Park and the Oz HD screening back in ’09) beginning September 20th, and a Blu-ray releases hitting shelves October 1st. Digitally remastered and scanned in 8K before being rotoscoped and converted for 3D from the original Technicolor negative, Warner called it a long and complex project which it would not release until “perfect.” The Blu-ray set will come in several versions, with the five disc 75th Anniversary set including Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Ultraviolet versions plus a making of documentary and other special features. That one is currently priced at $73.99 on Amazon, and a 2-disc Blu-ray 3D combo pack goes for $26.99, with Blu-ray and DVD versions also planned. Check after the break for a press release with all the details, plus a video clip of that colorized first step and a documentary from the last time it was remastered, scanned in merely 4K resolution.

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Hitchcock classics Dial M for Murder (3D) and Strangers on a Train come to Blu-ray October 9th

Hitchcock classics Dial M for Murder 3D and Strangers on a Train come to Bluray October 9th

Warner Bros. is reaching deep into its vaults and releasing two Alfred Hitchcock classics on Blu-ray this fall in Dial M for Murder and Strangers on a Train. While both are notable for their content, Dial M for Murder reaches back to a much earlier infatuation with 3D during the 50s, however few moviegoers at the time actually got to see it in the intended format. According to the press release, the studio has gone back to the original camera negative for a 4K scan, with restoration done for both eyes and tweaks to improve convergence where necessary (a 2D version is also included). Fans of classic 3D should keep an eye out more on the way, as EVP Jeff Baker says House of Wax is up next from the catalog of 15 movies Warner is able to draw from. The Dial M for Murder Blu-ray 3D is scheduled to hit shelves October 9th for $35.99, while Strangers On A Train will be released the same day for $19.98. Check after the break for the press release with full details, as well as trailers for both movies.

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