GoPro has now sold more than 30 million Hero action cams

GoPro has been dealing with significant business challenges in recent months, but the camera maker has managed to keep its chin above water. The company today revealed it has surpassed 30 million sales of its Hero action video camera since the first…

New videos show how Audi E-Tron’s new virtual side mirrors work

Audi is attracting lots of attention for the mirrorless virtual side mirror system fitted to its E-Tron concept electric SUV. Now, two new videos give us a better sense of just how it works.

Instead of conventional side mirrors, the battery-electric…

Sony is building a full-frame digital camera for pro filmmakers

If you've ever shot video with a full-frame DSLR, you know how alluring it can be — that large sensor can be perfect for low-light shots and soft backgrounds. However, pro cinematographers have generally had to "settle" for Super 35mm and smaller s…

GoPro rewards you for sharing photos and videos of your adventures

To encourage GoPro users to share more action-packed video footage and still photos, the company is offering rewards. The GoPro Awards will give you money when your snapshots, raw video or edited footage are selected for use on the GoPro Channel or…

Blackmagic drops Cinema Camera price to $1,995

Blackmagic drops Cinema Camera price to $1,995

Do you like the prospect of shooting 2.5K video with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera, but turn pale at spending $2,995 for the privilege? We have good news: Blackmagic just dropped the pro video camera’s price to $1,995. While that isn’t exactly impulse purchase territory, it’s low enough to put the greater-than-HD shooter in the same price bracket as semi-pro DSLRs. Think of the discount as consolation for delays in launching the Production Camera 4K.

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Red introduces $42K Epic-M Monochrome cinema cam, on sale October 1st

Red introduces $42K EpicM Monochrome cinema cam, on sale October 1st

Red Camera promised to stop hyping products that weren’t ready to ship, and true to its word, just announced the Epic-M Monochrome, surprising even its rabid user base. Packing an all-new black and white-only Mysterium-X sensor, the new cinema cam follows in the footsteps of the Leica M Monochrom still shooter, right down to a similar moniker. Red claims the dedicated CMOS sensor means no color debayering, yielding a one-to-one pixel count and 15-20 percent bump in effective resolution compared to its chromatic cousin. It also touted a sensitivity gain as another advantage, asserting that the Monochrome will have a native ISO of 2,000 (while using the retro-sounding “ASA” term), more than double that of the Epic-M or X. The camera will have a new low pass filter to account for the higher resolution, and buyers who plop down $42,000 to get one on October 1st will be upgraded, gratis, to a new Dragon Monochrome Sensor next year. Like the Leica, if you have to ask why you’d pay such a sum for a camera that doesn’t speak color, it may not be for you — but it is for David Fincher, says Red, who’s already shooting his next feature on one.

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Red introduces $42K Epic-M Monochrome cinema cam, on sale October 1st originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 08 Sep 2012 12:35:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Blackmagic Design starts shipping Cinema Cameras in limited quantity


Remember that $2,995 Blackmagic Cinema Camera that shoots full-res 21:9 video? It’s now hitting shelves, or maybe we should say “a shelf,” because the initial shipment was “rather small,” according to the company. The arrival date was pushed back earlier, and now the 2.5k, 12-bit RAW, sub-four-thirds video camera won’t roll out in volume until the “parts supply ramps up.” Meanwhile, B&H got a handful along with several other dealers, but if you just decided to order one for tomorrow’s shoot, you may wanna cool your ardor — there’s quite a back order to get through, first.

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Blackmagic Design starts shipping Cinema Cameras in limited quantity originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 04 Sep 2012 00:32:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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