Crunch Report | Apple’s New Video Editing App

Apple creates a new video editing app called Clips, large electronics are now banned from flights to the U.S. coming from 13 countries and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building full-size passenger pods. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

The Gladius underwater drone will shoot in 4K as it reaches the briny deep

 First drones took to the air. Now they take to the sea! The Gladius is basically a remote controlled submarine with a 4K camera that can dive to 100 meters. I’ve looked at a prototype and it’s quite handsome. A big, yellow double barreled monster the beast is controlled via a phone-connected remote and it is semi-tethered which means it can roll out about 500 meters with the… Read More

What’s on TV: ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ ‘Humans’ and Dave Chappelle

Tonight, Mass Effect fans can fully dive into the series' latest installment with Andromeda, and Netflix is premiering two Dave Chappelle stand-up performances pulled from his archives. Later in the week, the NCAA Men's basketball tournament continue…

Disney shows how you catch a real ball in VR

It's relatively easy to boost the immersiveness of virtual reality by giving you gloves or props. But how would you have someone catch a real ball when they can't see where it's going? Disney Research has an answer: its scientists have developed a mo…

Instagram now lets you save your live videos to your phone

Instagram first revealed its take on livestreaming back in November and has continued to roll out the feature around the world in early 2017. Today, the social network announced that users can now save that live footage to their phone after the broad…

Celebrities We’ve Lost in 2017

2017 has seen the loss of many celebrities. From Rock ‘N’ Roll legend Chuck Berry to TV icon Mary Tyler Moore, pop culture has mourned the loss of many stars in music, entertainment and sports. Here are some celebrities we’ve loss in 2017.

Ben Heck’s Nintendo Switch teardown

Nintendo has a new console out, which means Ben, Karen and Felix are responding exactly as you'd expect them to: by tearing down the new Switch console and Joy Con controllers. How does it compare to a laptop or tablet computer? Is it designed fo…