The Stylist B. Akerlund on Her Looks for Beyoncé and Other Stars

The stylist B. Akerlund has emerged as the go-to person for pop stars who want an edgy, fashion-forward look for their videos and tours. Including looks from Beyoncé’s new album.


ArtsBeat: Beastie Boys Fight Online Video Parody of ‘Girls’

On Monday, the band released an open letter to GoldieBlox, a San Francisco-area start-up that makes toys and games designed to encourage girls to learn about science and technology.


YouTube Pulls Off a Chaotic, but Watchable, Awards Show

This first YouTube Music Awards was a show of essentially no consequence, but one that valued a theoretically equal playing field, risk-taking, resilience in the face of failure and evanescence.


Pop Music Videos? I Want My YouTube!

Thirty years after MTV’s first Video Music Awards, videos are as important as ever for music success. But it is now the YouTube hit that labels covet.


ArtsBeat: Bowie Video Is Restored to YouTube

A video for David Bowie’s song “The Next Day” was briefly removed from YouTube after complaints, but was restored.


ArtsBeat: Follow-Up to ‘Gangnam Style’ Hits No. 5

Psy’s follow-up to “Gangnam Style” made it only to No. 5 on the singles chart, despite its online popularity. Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” took the top spot.


Stars of a Violent Music Video Found Guilty for Real-Life Violence

Some of the performers in a rap video depicting armed robbery were found guilty of committing similar crimes in the Bronx and Westchester County.