The Stylist B. Akerlund on Her Looks for Beyoncé and Other Stars

The stylist B. Akerlund has emerged as the go-to person for pop stars who want an edgy, fashion-forward look for their videos and tours. Including looks from Beyoncé’s new album.


ArtsBeat: Beastie Boys Fight Online Video Parody of ‘Girls’

On Monday, the band released an open letter to GoldieBlox, a San Francisco-area start-up that makes toys and games designed to encourage girls to learn about science and technology.    

YouTube Pulls Off a Chaotic, but Watchable, Awards Show

This first YouTube Music Awards was a show of essentially no consequence, but one that valued a theoretically equal playing field, risk-taking, resilience in the face of failure and evanescence.    

Pop Music Videos? I Want My YouTube!

Jay-Z Is Rhyming Picasso and Rothko

ArtsBeat: Bowie Video Is Restored to YouTube

ArtsBeat: Follow-Up to ‘Gangnam Style’ Hits No. 5

Psy’s follow-up to “Gangnam Style” made it only to No. 5 on the singles chart, despite its online popularity. Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” took the top spot.


Stars of a Violent Music Video Found Guilty for Real-Life Violence