The FCC Chairman still thinks it’s 1996

FCC chairman Ajit Pai sounds like a broken record.

"Light touch framework."

"Light touch approach."

"Light touch regulation."

As an ideological concept it seems reasonable. Especially to a conservative such as Pai who believes that the government…

You can’t get an LG Watch Sport on Verizon after all

We hope you weren't dead set on picking up Verizon's edition of the LG Watch Sport. The carrier has confirmed that it cancelled its take on the Android Wear 2.0 flagship device, yanking the smartwatch from its store. LG has pulled the wristwear from…

Verizon reportedly wins bidding war for Straight Path with $3.1 billion offer

 Verizon appears to have won its bidding war with AT&T for Straight Path Communications after offering $3.1 billion. AT&T announced last month that it had agreed to buy Straight Path for $1.6 billion, but after Verizon placed a bid for nearly double that amount on Monday, AT&T declined to match it, reports the Wall Street Journal. Read More

Verizon reportedly outbids AT&T for key 5G wireless spectrum

A month ago, AT&T announced it would acquire Straight Path Communications for $1.6 billion, specifically because Straight Path owns licenses to use high-frequency radio waves that will be crucial for the next generation of wireless technology. Ho…

Sprint will launch its 5G network in late 2019

Sprint isn't going to sit by the wayside while AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon make a fuss over their 5G wireless plans. The carrier has revealed that it's working with its parent company SoftBank and Qualcomm to launch its 5G network in late 2019. De…

Net-neutrality supporters cripple the FCC website again

Sunday night, John Oliver merely pointed out a problem (again), and the results were pretty predictable if you're familiar with the last time he did similar. The most recent episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight's main segment concerns net neutrality an…

Comcast and Charter partner to push into wireless service

In recent years, a number of telecommunication and media giants have attempted some major mergers (sometimes unsuccessfully) to consolidate power — a move that often leaves customers with less choice. While Comcast and Charter Communications aren't…

John Oliver reminds us that Net Neutrality is still under siege

 John Oliver has again fired off his quick wit at the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the Trump administration for trying to roll back Obama-era Net Neutrality rules. This isn’t the first time Oliver has addressed the issue of an “open internet,” as he touched on the topic back in 2014 during his fifth episode of Last Week Tonight. In that episode, he identified then-FCC… Read More