‘Star Trek: Discovery’ faces an indefinite delay

If you were banking on watching Star Trek: Discovery in May… well, we hope you have some contingency plans. CBS has confirmed to Hollywood Reporter that it's once again delaying the streaming-focused show, this time for an indefinite stretch. Produ…

Vizio devices now take voice commands from Google Home

Vizio's living room devices already play nicely with Google services, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use Google voice control as well? You can now. All of Vizio's SmartCast-equipped devices, including recent TVs, soundbars and speakers, just…

Hulu will let you download shows ‘in a few months’

Hulu isn't going to let Netflix have show downloads all to itself. Company chief Mike Hopkins tells AdWeek that you'll have the option of downloading shows "in a few months." The online video service isn't talking details at this point, to no one's s…

Hulu launches user profiles on mobile

hulu-shows-movies In December, Hulu announced the debut of user profiles in order to make its streaming TV service more personalized to end users, offering each user their own Watchlist, viewing history, and recommendations based on their activity and interests. At the time of launch, the feature wasn’t broadly available, however. That’s now changing, as Hulu has just rolled out user profiles to… Read More

Jimmy Iovine confirms Apple Music’s plans to offer original video content

Beats' Jimmy Iovine discusses the need for curation Earlier this month, The Wall St. Journal reported how Apple is working to bring in veteran producers to help create original content, including TV series and movies for an expanded Apple Music service. Now, Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has offered additional insight about Apple’s plans in this space, as well as how it hopes to differentiate itself from existing streaming competitors,… Read More

PBS KIDS debuts a new channel and live TV service, available via web and mobile

pbskids The way children watch TV is changing – shifting away from the big screen in the living room to tablets and other mobile devices. In order to better cater to the needs of this more digital audience, PBS has now launched a new 24/7 TV channel, PBS KIDS, which is available on television through PBS member stations, but also as a streaming service via the web and the PBS KIDS app.… Read More

PBS’ new kids’ channel lets you flip between streams and games

When you give kids digital educational content, you're frequently forced to choose between passive viewing and games. Why can't you offer both? PBS wants to give it a try. It just launched a free 24/7 national channel, PBS Kids, where a live internet…

Recommended Reading: The Wii U wasn’t for everyone

The Wii U Was Great,
Just Not For Me
Luke Plunkett,

Before Nintendo revealed all the details about its upcoming Switch console, a lot of us took a moment to reflect on its predecessor: the Wii U. While the console offered compelling gamine…