CES 2017: Virtual reality shoes fool feet with vibrations

A gadget-maker is showing off a pair of virtual reality shoes that let gamers feel as if they are walking across different types of land and water.

CES 2017: Faraday Future shows ‘Tesla beating’ car

An electric car said to be able to accelerate at a faster pace than Tesla’s top model is unveiled at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

CES 2017: Olly the robot aims to be more personal than Amazon’s Echo

A UK start-up unveils a desktop robot at the CES tech show that tailors its personality to different users in the same household.

CES 2017: Faraday Future unveils super fast electric car

Start-up Faraday Future unveils a self-driving electric car that it says can accelerate from zero to 60mph faster than Tesla’s Model S

CES 2017: Smart hair brush listens for breaking hair

Beauty giant L’Oreal unveils a smart hairbrush at the CES tech show, which is packed with a microphone and other sensors.