Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1 With Touch ID Improvements

iPhone-5s-fingerprint-sensor Apple has released a new update to iOS 7 today, a minor point update with bug fixes and improvements. One such improvement beefs up Touch ID performance, which should mean better recognition of fingerprints registered with your iPhone 5s device. Some users had cited a gradual worsening of the Touch ID sensor’s ability to recognize existing fingerprints, so hopefully this clears that up for… Read More

Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Said To Feature Gesture-Based Menus And Navigation

amazon-phone-bgr Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will have a unique, gesture-based interaction method that involves tilting the phone to access new information and control on-screen elements, including flipping between pages, according to a new BGR report. This illuminates much more clearly some suggestions about head movements leading to some gesture-based features mentioned in previous reports about… Read More

Lytro Founded A Movement, But The Illum Camera Isn’t Where That Movement Is Headed

Lytro_Illum_01 Lytro’s new Illum camera is the company’s second take at hardware, and by all accounts a significant improvement over the original light-field camera. It offers all the same post-capture focus changing abilities, and the more recently introduced perspective shifting features, but in a package that resembled a more traditional DSLR (albeit with a fixed lens) and higher resolution… Read More

Runtastic Signs Deal With Universal For BPM-Oriented Compilations

Seed-funded Runtastic, which has produced a number of apps and services for health and exercise tracking, is going into the music business. Sorta. It’s has signed a new deal with Universal Music Group to create a fitness-focused music compilation featuring recordings from artists such as Swedish House Mafia, Bastille and others. The idea is to offer users the ideal BPM for working out. The… Read More