Cheddar is the new home of crowd-controlled StockStream

Watching other people play video games is a big business. At any time, you can hop on Twitch and see gamers take on Demon's Souls, Pokemon, and even Sudoku. It's not all video games, either, with Let's Robot and Instapainting exploring internet-contr…

Crunch Report | Facebook Hires 3,000 People After Getting Disturbed

Facebook hires 3,000 people to combat the disturbing videos and live videos that have been popping up on the site, Hulu launches its live TV service, yesterday was not too good of a day for tech stocks and GM launches GM Maven to help on-demand drivers rent cars for $229 a week. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Crunch Report | Tesla Now Valued More Than Ford

Redfoo, formerly from LMFAO, joins us on the show to talk tech, Product Hunt launches Ask Product Hunt, Tesla is now worth more than Ford and Apple is dumping Imagination Technologies because they no longer wish to use their IP. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Nintendo loses billions in value after ‘Pokemon Go’ truth bomb

Pokemon Go is an unprecedented success, but Nintendo recently admitted it won't directly profit from the augmented reality game, leading to a loss of $6.7 billion in Nintendo's market value on Monday. Nintendo's market value rose by $7.5 billion on J…

Amazon’s Echo speaker guides you through workouts

Amazon must want to help you fulfill your New Year's resolutions, since it just updated the Echo speaker with a handful of features meant to get your life in shape. To begin with, you can ask Alexa to start a 7-minute workout — the voice-guided cyli…

Nasdaq stops all trading due to systems issue, plans to reopen in a limited capacity soon

Nasdaq stops all trading due to systems issue, plans to reopen soon

Well, this is rather peculiar. The Nasdaq stock market — the entire Nasdaq, which lists major tech firms such as Apple and Facebook — has temporarily suspended all trading due to a technical issue. The exchange sent an alert to traders at 12:14PM ET today announcing that it was halting all trading “until further notice,” according to a New York Times report. Reuters is reporting that Nasdaq will reopen trading soon, but with a 5-minute quote period. The market will not be canceling open orders, however, so firms that don’t want their orders processed once everything’s up and running should cancel their orders manually now. It’s not entirely clear what caused the issue, or how and when it will be resolved, but you better believe it’s causing some commotion on Wall Street, and could impact traders for days and months to come.

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Fidelity Market Monitor app brings stock alerts, news and fanciful financials to Google Glass

Fidelity Market Monitor app brings stock alerts, news and fanciful financials to Google Glass

You know, it makes sense — an app for the one percent, tailor-made for a $1,500 headset. Fidelity’s Market Monitor app for Google Glass might just be the most impressive program to debut for the device, particularly considering the class of individual who would take advantage. In the trading world, missing an alert or notification by even three seconds could be the difference between million and millions, with this app enabling Fidelity customers to request real-time stock quotes and receive alerts dealing with companies in their portfolio. In a concept video describing what’s possible (embedded just after the break), we even see a wearer snap a photo of a Google logo, and the app translates the photo into a stock quote for GOOG.

We’re guessing that it’s only a matter of time before every other financial institution follows suit, which will likely lead to each and every CNBC anchor wearing a set whilst on air. Also, we’re hearing from a “reliable source” that both Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf will be joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Wall Street: Glass on Glass on Glass.

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Source: Fidelity Labs (1), (2)

Tesla to join the Nasdaq 100 as Oracle departs for the NYSE

As of Monday, July 15th, Tesla Motors will be included in the Nasdaq 100, a list of the largest non-financial stocks on Nasdaq’s index. A spot in that elite group opened up when Oracle announced that it would be moving to the New York Stock Exchange, making it inelegible for inclusion on Nasdaq. The news seemed to please shareholders, and at the time of this writing, Tesla’s stock had surged ahead nearly 2 percent. The company’s entry into the Nasdaq 100 is a sure sign that its forward trajectory is nigh unstoppable — at least for now. With an overall stock gain of nearly 260 percent in 2013, Tesla Motors just keeps on truckin’.

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Via: The Wall Street Journal, Autoblog

Source: Tesla Motors