Sony soft-launches an educational robotics coding kit on Indiegogo

 Every tech and toy company, from Apple to Hasbro, has an educational coding offering these days. Sony’s Koov kit has been kicking around Japan for a while now, and should be pretty familiar to anyone who’s spent time with Lego’s educational initiatives — it’s a set of blocks, sensors, motors and actuators that pair with a mobile app. Now Sony is ready to bring the… Read More

Sony taps crowdfunding to deliver its kid-friendly coding kit

Sony's answer to Lego Mindstorms is a robot-building kit called Koov. It's the first product from Sony's Global Education division, and it's meant to help kids learn to code while they have fun building robots. The company has put the design kit on I…

The educational games of your youth have their own museum exhibit

The Minnesota Education Computing Corporation might not be the most recognizable game developer today, but if you went to elementary school in the US anytime in the eighties or nineties, then you've almost certainly played — and probably learned som…

Stem cell therapy makes sterile mice fertile again

Researchers at Shanghai's Jiao Tong University have conducted an experiment involving stem cells and sterile mice. Germline stem cells — the building blocks of an egg — were taken from a young mouse and implanted into the ovary of a mouse that had…

‘Minecraft Education Edition’ will let kids build with code

Minecraft Education Edition is getting a big upgrade: Codebuilder. Essentially, students will be able to learn coding by traveling around the game's pixely world. Typing "/code" will bring up a list of commands and code snippets. From there, an adora…

Makeblock raises $30 million for robot-building kits for kids

 Remember when kids could simply play with their toys? They still can. But parents are increasingly spending on toys that are chockablock with tech components, and that promise to turn their kids into software developers or robotics engineers. The Toy Industry Association, which held its International Toy Fair in New York last month, has even identified robotics-education as a major trend… Read More

NASA highlights women in STEM with a virtual field trip

NASA and Google Expeditions are celebrating International Women's Day with a series of virtual field trips highlighting the careers of seven women and their contributions to America's space program. The tours are part of the Modern Figures program, w…

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