Slack makes another 11 new investments in its Slack fund

slack-hq As Slack’s rapid growth begins to slow a little bit, the company is looking to become a wider productivity platform — and that includes getting as many developers as it can building applications that can figure out new and unique use cases for it.
That’s part of the reason it established the Slack Fund, which makes investments in startups that are building tools on top of Slack. Read More

Nemonic is like Post-It notes with IoT smarts

mangoslab-blue-postit Mangoslab showed off its first product today. Nemonic is a $120 thermal printer that prints on sticky notes from your phone. That’s right – everyone’s favorite tool for passive-aggressively leaving notes on a colleague’s computer monitor is now weaponized with all the powers of IoT combined. Ladies and gentlemen, the future of office warfare is here. Read More

Airthings wants you to measure the Radon in your house

airthings-wave-2 We have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that live in our house, sniffing the air for nasties, and beeping loudly if something has gone horribly wrong. Norwegian company Airthings wants to add Radon to the list of things you constantly monitor for, with the Wave radon detector. Read More

SteadXP wants to add image stabilization magic to any camera

steadxp Hand-holding video always seems like such a good idea until you’re watching the footage back in the editing suite. Wobblycam is a pain in the backside and can take forever to fix in post-production. That is, in theory. Until SteadXP came along. Except not quite. Read More

Here is Faraday Future’s first production car, the FF 91

147a0069 At a very big event in Las Vegas ahead of CES, Faraday Future held a huge event where it showed off the FF 91 — its first production car — and show off a few of its features. Faraday Future has been in the news a lot lately, but not necessarily for good reasons. In November, the company’s factory construction was paused and putting its targeted ship date at risk among a host… Read More

Plume Labs’ Flow is an air quality tracker to avoid pollution

img_0905 Just when you thought wearables were dead, Plume Labs is coming up with an interesting wearable device focused on tracking pollution around you. It’s a sort of Fitbit for air quality. The Flow tracker works both inside and outside and could be particularly useful if you live in a polluted city. It tracks particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds… Read More

SOSV, “the accelerator VC,” closes third fund at $150 million

SOSV Managing Director and founder Sean O' Sullivan Since the advent of accelerators, venture capitalists have competed to lock in deals with the best startups in a given batch. Entrepreneur turned investor Sean O’ Sullivan thought it would be better to develop a venture firm that owned and ran its own accelerators, instead.
Today that firm, SOSV, has closed its third fund at $150 million to back startups that are admitted to and have… Read More