Signal Keeps Your iPhone Calls And Texts Safe From Government Spies

signal-new Don’t want someone else handing your text messages, pictures, video or phone conversations over to the government? There’s an app for that.
An app called Signal is a project out of Open Whisper Systems, a not-for-profit collective of hackers dedicated to making it harder for prying government eyes to get a hold of your information. It gets high marks from both the American Civil… Read More

Springleap Aims To Rethink Marketing Research With New Backing From Cross Border Angels

 Startup Springleap says it can help marketers improve their ad campaigns by tapping into a community of 180,000 creative professionals. To pursue that vision, the company is announcing that it has raised an additional $650,000 in seed funding, br…

Zombie Ridesharing Bill Comes Back To Life In California

lyft-uber A bill designed to regulate ridesharing companies is back. California Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian has submitted a bill aimed at placing new rules on companies like Uber and Lyft. Assembly Bill 24, however, is incredibly similar to Assembly Bill 612, which failed in committee in 2014. Nazarian notes in a release on the bill that 24 is “similar” to 612, which is understatement. Read More

Trucker Path Raises $1.5M From Renren To Help Truckers Truck Better

 Trucker Path is a mobile app that helps truckers find truck stops, parking spots, rest areas, scales, DOT weigh stations, truck washes and more. At first, this may sound pretty banal, but the company has bigger plans that go far beyond these kind…

Swiftype Raises $13M More For Its Smarter Site And App Search

quin-and-matt Y Combinator-incubated search startup Swiftype has raised $13 million in Series B funding.
When I first covered the company back in 2012, the pitch was pretty straightforward — it provided customizable search tools that didn’t suck to sites like TechCrunch. Read More

Mustbin’s New App Blends Secure Private Messaging With Cloud Storage

mustbin2014 Mustbin, the mobile application that began as a secure organizer for personal documents and other information captured by your smartphone’s camera, is today making a larger move to compete in the private mobile messaging space with the launch of Mustbin 2.0. The new app is now offering a solid handful of features that differentiate it from many competitors, including the ability to… Read More

YC-Backed Lumi Will Help You Customize Anything (Literally, Anything) On The Cheap

home Customization pretty much comes standard in today’s online world. but when it comes to offline goods, we are still limited in many ways by the designs chosen by manufacturers. 3D printing has done its part in changing that, but a new YC-backed company, Lumi, is looking to offer a different set of customization tools. Lumi turns any graphic into a rubber stamp or silk screen, which sold as… Read More

Visually Raises $3.3M As Its Content Marketplace Expands Beyond Infographics

visually, a startup that helps companies create infographics, videos, and more, has raised $3.3 million in additional funding. The company launched with an infographic-building tool before switching to more of a marketplace model — by the time it raised its $8.1 million Series A last year, was billing itself a marketplace for “visual content,” a category that… Read More