With Its New Samsung App, Health Startup Lark Moves Away From Hardware

lark Among the freebies included in Samsung’s just-released Galaxy S5 was a new app from Lark, a health startup that’s been pretty quiet for the past year or so. In fact, co-founder and CEO Julia Hu told me that Lark has been “pretty much in stealth mode” as it worked on the new app. The vision, she said, is still the same — the company is still trying to provide “personalized health coaching”… Read More

Native Advertising Startup Adyoulike Acquires Content Amp For $2.5M

Adyoulike French native advertising company Adyoulike acquired Content Amp. According to Rude Baguette, the British company was acquired for $2.5 million. Adyoulike appears to be at the same time an advertising technology company and a more traditional advertising network for native content. An ad-tech company in native advertising seems counterintuitive — native ads are blog posts, articles and… Read More

App.io Turns iOS Apps Into Playable Mobile Ads

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.29.44 PM App.io, a startup offering tools that allow iOS applications to run in the browser for testing or demo purposes, has now taken the next logical step: it’s bringing its technology the world of mobile advertising. With the company’s newly launched mobile ad product, developers can create ad units that are basically functional copies of their mobile app or game that consumers can play… Read More

Printic Lets You Quickly Build Photo Books From Your Smartphone

Printic, the smartphone application that lets you order Polaroid-like photo prints with your own custom captions, is now expanding its product lineup to also include photo books. The books are similar in style to those from competitor Mosaic (owned by Mixbook), with a black linen hardcover and cut-out windows on the front, allowing you a sneak peek at some of the photos inside. The Paris-based… Read More

Finally, Someone Is Disrupting The Towel

Showering is great, I’m a big fan. But drying off? Laaaaammmmmeeee. All that towelling, it’s enough to make you need another shower, am I right? New York-based startup The Body Dryer realizes this, and they’ve created a device to help you skip the towel and get dry a better way. The Body Dryer dries you from the ground up, using a device that resembles a bathroom scale but that… Read More

SITU Scale Tallies Up The Nutritional Information Of All Your Food

Sure, you know what food you’re eating, but you don’t necessarily know what’s in that food you put inside you. SITU is a food scale that doesn’t just measure weight – it offers up information about the nutritional value of the stuff you’re weighing, too. The Bluetooth-enabled scale talks to your iPad, listing any and all stuff you weigh as you go, with an… Read More