Pomplamoose Details The Cost Of Being An Indie Band

1*irF80AA7QwRTDpksgVbAgA In a surprising display of transparency, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn aka Pomplamoose detailed what it took to run a 28-city tour of the US. The bottom line? The band made $135,983 in income… and incurred $147,802 in expenses. Essentially, they lost a little over $11,000. But what does this mean for a modern Indie band? Conte writes that all is not lost. First, obviously, is the… Read More

Feastly, A Marketplace For Dining Experiences, Raises $1.25M

feastly Feastly, a startup that connects diners with chefs offering unique food experiences outside of restaurants, is announcing that it has raised $1.25 million in seed funding.
We first wrote about the company in April, describing it as an “Airbnb for dinner.” Basically, it’s a site where chefs (who need to be approved by the Feastly team) can offer things like this four-course… Read More

Batch Insights Is AppGratis’ New Trick, A Benchmark Tool For Push Notifications

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 22.57.21 The two co-founders behind AppGratis are working on a new project for mobile developers. Batch Insights is a push notification aggregator that will let you search, filter and manipulate notifications from thousands of popular apps. This service is a good way to benchmark your competitors when it comes to push notifications. “With Batch Insights we’re on a mission to index all… Read More

Muzik Starts Selling Headphones With One-Touch Social Sharing, Raises $10M In Funding

 Audio accessory startup Muzik is launching its product after two years of design and gearing up production, making the Muzik smart over-ear headphones available to consumers today for $299 and a ship date ahead of the holidays. The headphone make…

Roomer Lands $5M In Series A To Be The Airbnb For Unwanted Hotel Rooms

 Roomer is doing for hotel rooms what Airbnb did for your very own home. According to the startup, which has just raised $5 million in Series A led by Disruptive, there are 81 million hotel room cancellations in the United States every year. Roome…

Built In Brooklyn: FlyCleaners Saves You A Trip To The Laundromat

max adler For this episode of Built in Brooklyn, producer Steve Long and I visited the Bushwick garage of FlyCleaners, an on-demand laundry service — and Steve even went for a ride in one of those blue FlyCleaners vans (they’ve become a common sight in Williamsburg, my neighborhood of Brooklyn). With FlyCleaners, instead of having to bring your laundry to the laundromat or dry cleaner, you… Read More

Let’s Pivot Again — Handmake Me Is An Ethical Marketplace For Handmade Gifts

Handmake Me Call it a pivot. Or failing and starting over. But, either way, some of the most successful startups and tech companies have done it. After all, the entrepreneurial road can be a long and winding one. The latest example to cross my in-box is Handmake Me, an “ethical marketplace” born out of multiple pivots by the team behind Hobzy. Specifically, the U.K. startup has re-launched… Read More

Homescreen Is Betaworks’ Latest Experiment-Turned-Product

Screenshot 2014-11-24 12.21.10 When someone picks up their phone to take a peek, I can’t help but take a peek, too. Whether it’s a perfect stranger on the train or the girl I’ve had a crush on for months, I can’t help but look.
With the latest product out of betaworks, you can take that curiosity to a whole new level. Read More