AutoBot Raises $6M To Drive Development Of Its Car Diagnostic Tools

AutoBot AutoBot, a Beijing startup that makes diagnostic tools for cars (not the robots in disguise), has raised a $6 million Series A from Gobi Partners and ABC Capital. The company will use the funding for marketing, hiring and product research and development. AutoBot’s main product is the AutoBot Mini OBD (on-board diagnostic) device, which users can plug into their car’s OBD-II outlet… Read More

TechCrunch Is Bringing The Pitch-Off Back To Atlanta And Boston

meetupjordan Meetups are coming to Boston and Atlanta, and they’ll be here before you know it. Be a planner. Get out ahead of it and follow through on your New Year’s resolutions! Buy tickets here.
We’re headed to Atlanta on February 24 and Boston on February 26 to hit our favorite cities with the world famous TechCrunch Pitch-Off. About 10 companies will have the chance to pitch their… Read More

ShuttleCloud Launches API To Import Address Books And Build “The Email Graph”

ShuttleCloud You’ve probably heard of the social graph and the interest graph. Now a startup called ShuttleCloud says it’s trying to help developers with “unlocking the email graph.”
By email graph, ShuttleCloud means “the contacts and the relationships buried within your email,” according to Bob Greenlees, the company’s director of operations and business development. Read More

Snapchat Lets You Add People Via QR Snaptags Thanks To Secret Acquisition

 Leaked emails from the Sony hack revealed Snapchat quietly acquired a QR code startup called late last year, and now we know why. Yesterday alongside Discover, Snapchat launched a new feature called Snaptags that creates a unique QR code …

The Makers Of Need Launch Foremost, A New Brand Producing Affordable, High-Quality Clothing

 Foremost is launching next month to provide customers with a monthly collection of small-batch, American-made clothing that is priced within reach. It hopes to entice users not just with affordable pricing, but also an online lifestyle magazine a…

Hopper’s New Travel App Tells You The Best Time To Fly

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.50.30 PM A mobile application called Hopper, out today on iTunes, is using data and analysis from “billions” of flight prices in order to tell travelers when they should fly and buy tickets. The company claims that it’s able to save users as much as 40 percent on flights, and in 95 percent of cases will get you a cheaper flight or one that’s at least the same price as you would… Read More

As Our Attention Spans Plummet, SOUNDS App For Instagram Music Snippets Comes To The Rescue

 Even as we hear about Snapchat expanding the ways content can be shared on their network, there are still certain content types that are missing from the messaging app and also from other platforms like Instagram.
CEO Rhai Goburdhun and his team …

RealtyShares Now Lets Investors Put Money Into Individual Real Estate Markets

realtyshares About a year ago, RealtyShares launched as a new way for investors to put small amounts of money into real estate projects, kind of like a “LendingClub for Real Estate.” Now the company is launching a way for them to focus on investing in specific markets around the U.S. Read More