Korean e-book service Ridibooks scores $20M Series C

 E-book sales may be declining in the U.S. and U.K., but in South Korea, many people still enjoy swiping instead of leafing through their reading material. E-book sales there are growing steadily each year, driven in part by the popularity of web comics. Ridibooks, which claims to be Korea’s largest e-book provider, has raised a $20 million Series C to take advantage of the market. Read More

South Korean Pianist Wins the Van Cliburn Competition

The musician, Yekwon Sunwoo, bested 29 rivals to become the prestigious contest’s first champion from South Korea on Saturday.

We’re not getting Luke Skywalker’s prosthetics any time soon

In 1937, robot hobbyist "Bill" Griffith P. Taylor of Toronto invented the world's first industrial robot. It was a crude machine, dubbed the Robot Gargantua by its creator. The crane-like device was powered by a single electric motor and controlled v…

Chinese Rappers Take Aim at American Antimissile System in South Korea

The fight in China against Seoul’s deployment of Thaad, as the system is known, has expanded to music. The song warns: “This time, kid, you going too far.”

The Money Issue: What Does It Take for a K-Pop Band to Blow Up in South America?

South Korea’s music craze has taken most of the world by storm, but Chile represents a somewhat unlikely conquest.

Monit’s smart diaper sensor lets parents avoid the sniff test

 New parents are faced with many conundrums and one of the most nerve-wracking is how to check a diaper without waking a sleeping baby. Korean startup Monit’s new Bluetooth sensor wants to make sniff tests a thing of the past by alerting parents as soon as their baby’s diaper is soiled. Later on, the sensor can be turned into a portable air quality and temperature monitor, extending… Read More

Swingvy raises $1.1M to give HR staff in Southeast Asia a break from paperwork

 Human resources paperwork is never fun to take care of—especially if it’s literally on paper. Swingvy co-founder Jin Choeh says that in Southeast Asia, many small businesses are still stuck with physical spreadsheets and piles of forms. Swingvy wants to help them with affordable cloud-based software. The South Korea and Malaysia-based startup just raised $1.1 million in seed funding… Read More