Hands On With The Xperia Z2 Smartphone And Z2 Tablet, Sony’s Waterproof Wonders

xperia-z2-hand Both Samsung and HTC have new flagship Android phones out in the U.S., but Sony isn’t just sitting back and doing nothing. The company has its new 5.2-inch Z2 smartphone launching soon in select markets, including in Canada in May. The waterproof glass-encased handset has a lot in common with last year’s Z1, but goes the extra mile with new imaging options, noise cancellation features… Read More

Sony To Sell Former Tokyo Headquarters

The sell-off continues. The WSJ is reporting today that Sony is looking to sell its former headquarters in central Tokyo. This comes just weeks after the struggling consumer electronic maker sold its PC division and watched its credit rating cut to junk status by bond credit rating agency Moody’s. This is the birthplace of the Trinitron TV and Sony Walkman. Clearly nothing is safe from being… Read More

Apple, If Samsung And Sony Can Make A Waterproof Phone, So Can You

Just this week Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5. It’s water-resistant. Sony also announced the Xperia Z2, the waterproof successor to the also waterproof Z1. So where’s my waterproof iPhone? The technology and demand are here. Water-resistant or waterproof, Samsung and Sony’s latest flagships are waterproof enough that a drop in the toilet will not destroy the device. That’s… Read More

Sony To Close Two-Thirds Of Its US Retail Stores

Sony announced today that it is shuttering 20 of its 31 retail stores located throughout the States. The 11 remaining stores are located near major markets. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. As the company’s press release states, this move is designed to place Sony in a more competitive stance. The Sony of today is in flux. It’s offloading unprofitable divisions left… Read More

Microsoft Cuts The Xbox One Price In The UK

The Xbox One will soon be a bit cheaper ‘cross the pond. Starting this Friday, the Xbox One will be £399.99 in the UK. That’s a drop of £30 from its launch price. While the cut will certainly make the console a bit more attractive, the PS4 is still less expensive and raking up impressive sales numbers. It’s unclear if the Xbox One will see similar price cuts in other markets.… Read More

Sony Taps Its Display, Gaming, And Photography Might For Latest Mobile Flagships

sony-xperiaMeet Sony’s Xperia Z2 line. With the Z2 Tablet and Z2 smartphone, Sony clearly hopes impressive specs and waterproof technology will help the company gain marketshare in 2014. The tablet and phone are refreshingly similar. Qualcomm’s 2.3GHz 801 Snapdragon powers both devices. They both have class-leading cameras and displays. And following in Sony’s recent tradition, they’re both waterproof.

Sony’s Waterproof Wearable To Be Available Worldwide In March

sony-core2Sony introduced the SmartBand SWR10 at CES 2014. The diminutive wearable is part of Sony’s push into an ever-connected experience centered around its Xperia products. Sony was mum about the release schedule back at CES, but today, at Mobile World Congress, the company announced that the device will be available in 60 markets next month. The SmartBand sports the standard affair of fitness tracking. But Sony is positioning this device as much more than a fitness tracker. According to the press release, it’s “a new user experience based around three core pillars – Lifelogging, ‘Wearing smart’ and ‘Life tools’.” Besides Lifelogging, the other two items are needless branding for standard functions found on wearables. This includes sleep monitoring, vibrating notification alerts, and remote control of media playback. Sony loves to brand things. The Lifelogging is a bit convoluted. From the sound of it, this function uses the SmartBand as a sort of life-tracking tool that somehow relates media to a location. Here’s what the presser has to say about it. Lifelog application – Communication and entertainment, staying on top of the things that matter to you Sony’s innovative new Lifelog application binds the SmartWear Experience together, enabling you to discover your past, enjoy your present and helping inspire your future. Together with SmartBand, the Android app enables you to effortlessly capture life and entertainment – places visited, music listened to, games played, books read – and presents it a beautifully visual interface. You can see how active you were, where you went, what pictures you took and how you have been communicating with your world. Lifelog will also help you set activity goals, monitor your progress and make recommendations to help inform future decisions. So there’s that. The SmartBand only works with Android devices, and from the press release, it seems some of the so-called Lifelogging functions require specific applications. At CES Sony stated the device would cost 99 euros. This release communiqué doesn’t state the price, meaning Sony is going to hold true to its aforementioned pricing or it could switch things up prior to the release.