Lessons From The New Threat Environment From Sony, Anthem And ISIS

digitalbomb The cyberattack on Sony Pictures entertainment left plenty of roiled waters in its aftermath. Lawsuits from employees whose personal information was leaked … apologies to President Obama and other subjects of hasty emails … U.S. sanctions against North Korea and a war of words back and forth … and the irony of Sony turning to the entity most identified in those emails as a threat to… Read More

Seinfeld Will Be Streamable Online Soon, Hopefully

seinfeld I’ve never watched more than one or two random Seinfeld episodes. I know, I know.
I’ve always meant to watch the whole series, really — but it’s not (legally) streamable anywhere, outside of a few random episodes. So I don’t bother.
This may change soon. Word has it that Sony is finally getting around to licensing the streaming rights. Read More

DanceStar Party Time

DanceStar Party Time

DanceStar Party Time Think you’re hot on the dance floor? Then get your groove on in ‘DanceStar Party’ time. Play through pumping tracks from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Check out the crazy outfits and dance!
You can also dance with your mates. Include their faces in Party Time mode and get them dancing the night away.
Prove you are the greatest dancer and pick up all the awards throughout the game.

Sony Eyes Healthy Profits By 2018 With New Focus On PlayStation And Entertainment

sony logo Sony announced its latest corporate reshuffle which will see it focus on its PlayStation and entertainment businesses, as well as its CMOS image sensor business, as it bids to return to healthy profit levels by 2018. Read More

Sony Puts Its Smart Specs Up For Dev Pre-Order, For $840

Sony SmartEyeglass Sony has put a developer edition of its forthcoming smart glasses, branded as SmartEyeglass, up for pre-order today, starting with the U.K. and Germany. It’s also made the SDK available. Read More

Sony Hack Has Cost Its Business $15M So Far

sony_pictures_logo Last year’s large-scale cyber attack has had a specific financial cost to Sony’s business, detailed today as a line-item on its preliminary results for its third quarter, ending December. Read More

Sony Sells MMO Publisher And EverQuest Creator Sony Online Entertainment

Everquest Sony has sold Sony Online Entertainment, the studio and publisher that created EverQuest (and, to a large extent, the modern MMO genre), in a deal that will see it owned by investment management firm Columbus Nova and rebranded as Daybreak. The studio originally began as an in-house product at Sony Interactive Studios America back in 1995, when John Smedley, Brad McQuaid and Steve Clover began… Read More

Plex Arrives On PS4 And PS3 In The U.S And Canada Today

Plex PlayStation Plex is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 today. The personal media hub software originally came to Sony’s consoles back in mid-December of 2014, with a U.S. launch promised for a later date. While the release date is different, the software is the same – offering a horizontal browsing experience designed to surface content from your library that you should find… Read More