Electrolux is testing Uber-like laundry machine sharing

You can already get rides from strangers and rent their rooms, but what if you could use their washers and dryers? Electrolux thinks it's worth a shot. CEO Jonas Samuelson tells the Financial Times that the appliance giant is testing a "laundry Ube…

Europe urges Facebook to stop tapping WhatsApp data

Europe's privacy bosses have urged WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with Facebook while it investigates its privacy practices. The Article 29 Working Party, made up of data protection heads from each of the EU's 28 nations, told the company it had…

Dropbox pushes further into education by partnering with Blackboard

Dropbox is continuing to make the education market a priority as it looks for new customers. About six months after introducing its first product aimed specifically at schools, the company is announcing a new partnership with Blackboard Learn, one of…

Google adds commenting capabilities to shared albums in Photos

Google is rolling out two new features for its Photos service: the ability to comment on shared images and albums, and a tool that suggests photos to add to specific albums. The commenting ability allows users to leave messages on albums and pictures…

Ambush a friend’s browser with this crazy Chrome extension

There's an insane new Chrome extension called "Shove" that we're sure nobody's going to misuse. As spotted by Wired, it lets you drop a web page onto your friend's browser, and vice-versa. Unlike skeevier apps like Peeple, however, it's strictly op…



MushBooms Place bombs on the screen using your mouse. Hit space to blow those bombs up! EDITOR: rotate objects with arrow keys, delete objects with “del” keys, duplicate object by holding shift and clicking on it.

SendVid Makes It Easy To Upload And Send Video

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.56.53 AM The folks that brought you Shared a few years ago are at it again. This time they’re trying to make it easy to share video.
Called SendVid, the new service is as simple as can be. You upload a video and then share it. End of story. Want to edit it? Want to add a filter? Want to add a soundtrack? Go somewhere else, bub. Read More

Google patents drag-and-drop content sharing with nearby groups

Google patents draganddrop public sharing with nearby mobile users

Proximity-based content sharing systems for mobile tend to focus on one-at-a-time transfers — see Android Beam and Apple’s upcoming AirDrop as examples. Google, however, has just patented an interface that would simplify sharing content with nearby groups. Users would only have to drag private items into a public space to share them with everyone inside of a certain range; the reverse would hide those items once again. The approach wouldn’t be limited to files, either, as it could be used for invitations to chat sessions or events. Google won’t necessarily take advantage of its sharing patent, but the concept is simple enough that we wouldn’t be surprised to find it in future apps or Android revisions.

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Source: USPTO