Misfit Launches An SDK For Its Sleep And Activity Tracking, Including Shine Enterprise Partners

brown_leatherband Activity tracking and wellness startup Misfit continues to diversify its operation away from being a straightforward hardware play, with a new software development kit announced today. The Misfit Developer Toolkit lets third-party devs incorporate activity and sleep tracking abilities using Misfit’s data intelligence and Shine hardware. At launch, some 30+ partners are working with… Read More

PayPal Makes Good On Its Braintree Acquisition With Launch Of New Developer Tools, The Braintree “v.zero SDK”

drop in UI Payments gateway Braintree is making its first significant product announcement since its acquisition by PayPal last year, with the launch of a jointly developed Braintree SDK (software development kit) for developers, which now features PayPal integration. The new toolset is being called the “Braintree v.zero SDK” to indicate how it’s been rebuilt from the ground up, and is… Read More

Samsung Releases SDK For Galaxy Gear 2 & Gear Neo

Samsung has just released an SDK for its Tizen-based smartwatches, the Gear 2 and Gear Neo, in the hopes that developers will pick up its wearable baton and run with it. Read More

Google Play Games Gets Virtual Gifts, Cross-Platform iOS And Android Multiplayer Support

Google has announced some new updates for its Google Play Games cross-platform SDK for game devs, and they should make it a lot easier for developers working on titles aimed at iOS, Android and the web to build experiences that span all of the above. F…

Fleksy Launches Its First SDK Partners On iOS To Demo The Power Of Third-Party Keyboards

Fleksy-beautySan Francisco-based Fleksy has launched its in-app SDK integration for iOS via four new partners who implement the software in their own apps today. These include Launch Center Pro, Wordbox, GV Connect and Blindsquare, and were chosen from a number of potential partners to help Fleksy demonstrate the power and range of its virtual keyboard.

Samsung Launches Five SDKs To Lure Developers Into Its Hardware Web

samsung-devonSamsung kicked off its first Developer Conference in San Francisco today, and the Korean tech juggernaut is eager to show just how much it cares about the devs building apps and services for its hardware ecosystem. And really, what better way to prove it than to unleash five (yes, five) brand-new SDKs for those developers to sink their teeth into?

Dish Hopper DVRs open up to home automation control, we wonder what’s next

Back in July Dish Network announced plans to open its Hopper DVR platform to mobile app developers, and today at CEDIA we saw the results of that initiative. Thanks to SDK access that can mirror the functionality of Dish’s own Explorer iPad app, h…

Sixense’s Stem motion tracker may get Android and iOS support through stretch goal (video)

Sixense has so far promised only PC compatibility for its Stem motion tracker, but the company just teased us with the prospect of a wider ecosystem. It now says that Stem’s developer kit will support Android and iOS if the crowdfunded project rea…