Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition Headed To Verizon Soon

Glam_Galaxy-S5_Black_01 Samsung has a Developer Edition of the Galaxy S5, just as it did for the Galaxy S4 and SIII before it, and as usual it’ll have its unlocked bootloader and come at the full, unsubsidized price of around $650 or so. Thus far, the dev edition S5 is listed as a Verizon device only, in Charcoal black with “coming soon” as the only release date. The Developer edition makes it possible… Read More

Samsung Debuts Milk Music, A New Free (For Now) Streaming Radio Service For Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is doing something unusual for the company – focusing on mobile software design, with a new product out today called Milk Music. It’s a streaming radio app, with free (and ad-free) streaming of tracks in the U.S. that’s available via Google Play to owners of Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4… Read More

Apple, If Samsung And Sony Can Make A Waterproof Phone, So Can You

Just this week Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5. It’s water-resistant. Sony also announced the Xperia Z2, the waterproof successor to the also waterproof Z1. So where’s my waterproof iPhone? The technology and demand are here. Water-resistant or waterproof, Samsung and Sony’s latest flagships are waterproof enough that a drop in the toilet will not destroy the device. That’s… Read More

There Is Now A Samsung Store In Nearly Every Best Buy Store

Have you been in a Best Buy recently? The stores are starting to look more like exhibition halls than a warehouse retailers. And that’s by design. Stores within stores. Nearly every Best Buy store now has space dedicated to Samsung products and about half of the stores has space for Windows products. The company details the store-within-a-store concept in its 2014 fourth quarter results… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Breaks Records With Over 100K Pre-Registrations At T-Mobile In Under Two Days

T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert is pumped about Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smartphone: Today, the executive tweeted that Samsung’s latest flagship is a record-breaker at the carrier, with over 100,000 pre-registrations in under 48 hours since its announcement. 100,000+ pre-registrations in 2 days is a new record at @TMobile #GalaxyS5 !!— Mike Sievert (@SievertMike) February 26, 2014… Read More

Samsung Is Looking For Some Good Wearable Developers

Today, at Samsung’s MWC Developer Day, the company introduced several software development kits with the hope of luring developers to its platforms. Among the kits were several aimed at the company’s just-announced wearables including the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. Samsung needs 3rd party developers to make these products successful. Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, president and head of the Media Solution… Read More