The Samsung Gear S Is A Smartphone On Your Wrist

Samsung Gear S Announced back in September, the Samsung Gear S is the South Korean electronics company’s sixth attempt at making a smartwatch. It’s got the specs of a mid-range phone from a few years back and runs Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system. Read More

The Galaxy Note Edge Is A True Cutting-Edge Phablet

IMG_4831 Samsung either plays it entirely safe – see most of the Galaxy Tab line – or entirely gonzo. Whether it’s the chimerical Galaxy K Zoom or their curved TV, it’s as if the company has one floor dedicated to making vanilla ice cream an another dedicated to making unicorn-tear-flavored gelato. And it’s on that latter floor that the Galaxy Note Edge was born.
First… Read More

Samsung’s Gear VR Headset Goes On Sale Next Month

Gear_VR_Still Samsung has good news for those looking to try virtual reality on-the-go: at its developer conference this morning, the company announced that an “Innovator’s Edition” of its Gear VR headset will go on sale early next month. Read More

Samsung’s New Smart TV Development Platform Runs On Tizen

 Samsung is hoping to make it easier for developers to build apps for its smart TV devices. As part of that effort, the consumer electronics giant has decided to enable developers to leverage the Tizen operating system to do so. Read More

Is Samsung Sliding Into Home Or Just Sliding?

sliding-samsung These days Samsung is a mobile behemoth — with a bit of an earnings problem. The company reported its lowest profit in three years, a drop of 60 percent to $3.9 billion. It’s a huge stumble but, as the astute among you will note, it’s still $3.9 billion dollars in profit. Read More

Samsung Announces The Galaxy A5 And Galaxy A3, Its “Slimmest Smartphones To Date”

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Samsung vowed to introduce more metallic devices when it revealed its disappointing Q3 2014 earnings yesterday, and it wasted no time doing so after announcing the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A3 — two metallic devices that it calls its “slimmest smartphones to date.” Read More

New iPhones Selling Faster Than Galaxy Note 4 In Korea

 In an interesting turn of events, the WSJ is reporting that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are outselling the Galaxy Note 4 in Korea, a bit of news that should give Samsung pause. Pre-orders for the new phones hit 100,000 on the first day of pre-orders …

Myriam Joire AKA tnkgrl Is Out At Pebble

tnkgrl Myriam Joire, evangelist for the wearables company Pebble, has been fired from her position. She was Tech Evangelist at the company and spoke at a number of events, including an event in Amsterdam and another in London this week. “Wow! I just found out that I’m no longer with Pebble,” she said in a Tweet. Joire, also known as TnkGrl, was at the company for a year and a month.… Read More