Samsung Electronics’ New Design Lead Is An Alum Of Jony Ive’s Former Consulting Firm

 Remember the trypophobia-inducing Galaxy S5 design that Samsung released to near-universal horror last year? The South Korea tech giant hopes to avoid similar debacles in the future with the hiring of Lee Don-tae as its new global design team lea…

Samsung Reportedly Approached BlackBerry With A Takeover Bid (Update: BlackBerry Denies)

BlackBerry Classic Front Update: BlackBerry has responded with an official denial of takeover talks, while somewhat paradoxically also claiming it doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation. Full statement below: BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) (“BlackBerry”) is aware of certain press reports published today with respect to a possible offer by Samsung to purchase BlackBerry. BlackBerry has… Read More

Samsung Issues Downbeat Earnings Guidance, May See First Profit Decline In Three Years

Samsung Last year was a hard one for Samsung Electronics and it doesn’t look like 2015 will be much better. The company just issued earnings guidance for the fourth quarter of 2014 saying that its operating profit will 5.2 trillion won (about $4.74 billion), which means that its profit for the year is likely to be 25 trillion won, the lowest in three years. Read More

Samsung Is Trying To Pull Off A Bang & Olufsen

15955680410_d5a0d30e09_o.0 Samsung’s CES press conference was pretty dull. We mostly saw TVs, an SSD hard drive and of course washing machines and other home appliances. But the most interesting part of the conference was the focus on design for boring items, such as the Chef collection for the kitchen, a new lineup of 360° speakers and a TV designed by Yves Behar. In other words, Samsung is trying to pull off a… Read More

Samsung Announces The T1, A Tiny Drive That Can Pack Up To A Terabyte

 This afternoon in Las Vegas, Samsung announced a new storage product, the SSD T1, which can store up to a terabyte of content in a device the size of a business card and weighs about an ounce.
The SSD T1 also comes in smaller, 256 gigabyte and 50…

All Of Samsung’s New Smart TVs Will Run Its Tizen Operating System

Samsung Launches Milk VR Video Service For Gear VR

Gear_VR_Still_2 Now that it’s got a consumer-grade virtual reality headset on the market, Samsung is launching a service of its own to provide 360-degree video content so users have a reason to slip on the Gear VR on a regular basis. Read More

Samsung Releases Look At Me, An App For Kids With Autism

 Over the past few years, technology has given educators and the parents of autistic children tools they could never have imagined before. Mobile apps and games help kids learn communication skills, while virtual reality can potentially teach them…