Bango Inks Global Samsung Deal To Power Carrier Billing In Galaxy Apps Store

samsung-AP-sm One more deal in the bag for Bango, the UK-based startup that enables carrier billing services for mobile users: it has signed an agreement with Samsung for the handset giant to preload its services on to all Samsung devices running the Samsung Galaxy Apps store — letting consumers charge games, e-books, music and videos directly to their mobile phone bills or deduct them from their… Read More

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is A Nearly Perfect Mini Tablet

IMG_4792 Like the great zeppelins of old, nobody expected the Galaxy Note to fly. The phones were too big, the embedded stylus too silly. I reminded us all of the bad old days when PIMs were black and white and bulky. But Samsung persevered and Apple followed suit and now we enter the era of the phablet, a time of strange portents and weird UIs. A time where a phone that makes all other phones seem… Read More

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Gapgate, Garmin, And Jamstik

gadgets141003 We’re off and running this week with the latest TC Gadgets podcast. Garmin announced a new smart watch called the Forerunner 920XT. We take a look at that, as well as Garmin’s earlier smart watch offering, the VivoFit. We’re also curious about what’s going on with #gapgate, on the Galaxy Note 4 smartphones.
Meanwhile, the Jamstik MIDI device is finally shipping. Read More

#GapGate Widens As Samsung Responds Saying Some Space Is To Be Expected

478355627 Korean owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have noticed that their brand new devices sport an unusual feature – a gap between the bezel and the screen that can fit a business card. The Gal Note 4, which hasn’t reached our shores, sold out on launch day. Now the gap appears to be a perfectly normal occurrence. Samsung even addresses the gap in their documentation, noting that… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Suffering From #GapGate

 Another day, another -Gate. This time the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the latest phablet to enamor the Android crowd, has been reported shipping with a thin gap between the screen and the walls of the case. The issue, reported on iTToday in South Kore…

Samsung Attacks Apple’s Keynote With “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” Ads

mac-01 Samsung has released a series of videos lampooning this week’s Apple announcement, a move that is at once familiar and not unexpected. There are six of them in total, including one on screen size, in a series called “It Doesn’t Take A Genius.” Collect them all. After years of cringey, tone-deaf commercials, the company has finally grown a few claws and even made fun… Read More

Apple Dominating Shipping Capacity Out Of China With New iPhones

Apple-iphone-621-1 According to several sources, Apple has already begun flexing its supply chain muscles by shipping so many units of upcoming devices from its manufacturing facilities to sales outlets that it is causing delays for other manufacturers. Apple shipments via major concerns like FedEx and UPS are said to be ‘incredibly high’ for the holiday quarter, pointing to a massive number of… Read More

An Inside Look At The Development Of Samsung’s Gear VR At Oculus With CEO Brendan Iribe

¡Ú¡Ú¸ÞÀÎ-R320_White_Dynamic2_007_1 Oculus VR is the key platform partner behind Samsung’s new Gear VR, having co-developed the hardware and having built the Oculus Mobile software development kit and first party demonstration apps entirely in-house. The company’s foray into mobile may be newly revealed, but it began not long after the original Oculus Rift hardware was introduced to the world at CES in 2013. Read More