sadsung1 When we last left Samsung, the company saw sales falling 9 percent and revenue falling by 24 percent. Now a survey by Counterpoint shows that consumers are more interested in picking up last season’s iPhone 5s than the new S5. Read More

Samsung In Talks To Scoop Up SmartThings For Around $200 Million

SmartThings product image_11.11 Google has Nest, Apple has HomeKit and Samsung has…SmartThings, we’re hearing. The deal was completed for around $200 million dollars, though it might have been less according to one source. (Update: The deal is not done yet, says another.) SmartThings is in the home automation space, and allows you to connect devices like lights and doorlocks to a system controlled by your… Read More

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Misfit, Android Wear, And Samsung Earnings

gadgets140711 After taking a week off for the holidays (sorry about that), we’re back to chat up the latest news in the Gadgets world. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much.
That said, Samsung had some disappointing earnings, and Misfit forged a partnership with Beddit to get into the platform space. Plus, we simply can’t help ourselves from talking about smart watches, including the latest… Read More

Samsung’s Race To The Bottom

samsung-race It’s happened before and it’s happened again – a popular commodity appears and is remade in so many permutations and from so many manufacturers that the differentiation ultimately focuses on price. When this happens, the small players sneak in with cheap hardware, the big players stumble and try to buoy sales with higher-end models (an example of this is the Dell Adamo as… Read More

Samsung Gear Live Review: Samsung’s Smartwatch First Mover Advantage Helps Its Android Wear Effort

IMG_9828 Samsung is one of the first to market with an Android Wear smartwatch, and the company arguably has a head start since it’s been making its own smartwatches since last year. The Gear Live owes much to its predecessors, which have run both a modified version of Android and Samsung’s own Tizen, but it manages to feel like much more than an older sibling’s hand-me-downs.… Read More

Hands On With The Samsung Gear Live, Its $199 Smartwatch Shipping July 7

samsung-gear-live Samsung has a new Android Wear device that it didn’t really make too much of a fuss about before: The Gear Live smartwatch. It unsurprisingly resembles its brethren the Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Neo, but it doesn’t use Tizen or Android (like the first gen Gear) and it doesn’t use the same interface Samsung has been pushing on its other wearable devices. It does however bring… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Review: Beautiful Screens Make These Tablets Magic For Movies

IMG_9883 Samsung has never made a tablet that truly got my blood pumping, but that might’ve just changed. I bought an original Galaxy Tab when it was first released, only to find the experience frustrating and return it a few days later because of a dropped Wi-Fi issue. Now, Samsung has a new line of tablets called the Galaxy Tab S, and though there have been many different Samsung slates… Read More