Don’t trust Facebook’s shifting line on controversy

facebook-stories-ios Would you tell Facebook you’re happy to see all the bared flesh it can show you? And that the more gratuitous violence it pumps into your News Feed the better? Read More

Smartwatches need to get better

wearables-business Android Wear 2.0 was bound to be a disappointment. There was just too much hanging on the second generation of the wearable operating system. After all, a significant chunk of declining smartwatch shipments was laid at the feet of the OS’s ongoing delay and, as last year drew to a close, studies like this report from IDC pointed to a dismal end to the year for a space so many were once… Read More

Samsung’s US reputation plummets after Note 7 mess

In 2015, Harris Poll ranked Samsung third in its US Reputation Quotient report, ahead of Apple, and rated it number seven last year. Thanks to the recall and eventual withdrawal of its exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and arrest of CEO-in-waiting L…

Why is Android Studio still such a gruesome embarrassment?

android-studio-logo About twice a year, I get involved in a project that requires me to do some Android development; so, about twice a year, I re-launch Google’s so-called integrated development environment, Android Studio, with fingers crossed; …and twice a year I find myself wincing with bitter disappointment, as I rediscover that it still has all the elegant, intuitive simplicity of a Rube… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s humanitarian manifesto

Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg receives the Axel Springer Award in Berlin on February 25, 2016
Facebook announced it was donating computer servers to a number of research institutions across Europe, starting with Germany, to accelerate research efforts in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. / AFP / POOL / Kay Nietfeld        (Photo credit should read KAY NIETFELD/AFP/Getty Images) “Are we building the world we all want?” That’s a question often reserved for the lips of presidents and religious leaders, and too rarely asked by CEOs. But technology has risen as a force that unites us, alongside government and faith. So too must captains of industry rise to accept their opportunity of influence, for the betterment of humanity in one of its most… Read More

7 reasons why Facebook will autoplay sound despite complaints

facebook-sound-11 If you’re freaking out about Facebook starting to autoplay videos with sound by default, at least it won’t pause or play on top of music you’re already listening to through apps like Spotify. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch today that sound will not autoplay on Facebook videos if you’re already listening to something on your device. You’ll have to tap the sound… Read More

H-1B and you and me

immigration Let’s talk about something non-awful that Donald Trump has done. (Shouldn’t take long, right? Ba-dum-bump-wince.) Specifically, let’s talk about the draft executive order floating around which calls for H-1B visas to be allotted not by lottery, as they are today, but by auction, so that only highly-paid jobs are filled by H-1B holders. Read More

Shopify CEO attempts to defend continued hosting of Breitbart’s online store

tobias-lutke-shopify Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke penned an open letter in response to the ongoing barrage of communication being received by himself and other Shopify employees about their continued decision to host the online store of Breitbart, the right-wing publication which regularly publishes racist and sexist headlines and content. Lütke’s argument generally rests on a “free speech”… Read More