When your fear is my opportunity

 Politicians scare you to stay in office. Police forces scare you to get worshipful adulation and military equipment. And the information security industry scares you to get more money, power, and influence. I’m not saying the people around me here at Black Hat are malicious, or that the threats aren’t real (although some certainly seem to be FUD.) I’m saying that the… Read More

‘The Emoji Movie’ confirms it’s the nightmare we all feared

The Emoji Movie has looked like a potential stain on humanity ever since it was first revealed. We're talking about a Pixels-level disaster, totally lacking in charm and humor and blowing what theoretically could have been an amusing premise for an a…

Dear tech dudes, stop being so dumb about women

 I want to talk about a relatively little-discussed aspect of the venture-capitalist sexual-harassment revelations that have rocked the Valley of late. In their wake, I have seen, first- and secondhand, men react with statements which can be collectively paraphrased as “Now I’m nervous about hiring women / investing in women / being alone in a room with a woman, what do I do?”… Read More

How hateful alt-right trolls hijacked your timeline

You don't need to get attacked by a pro-Trump troll-bot horde to know that social media is a battleground for propaganda farms. It's pretty obvious, and miles of speculative digital ink has been spilled saying as much. An Oxford study this week is ge…

Death to C, ++

 The C programming language is terrible. I mean, magnificent, too. Much of the world in which we live was built atop C. It is foundational to almost all computer programming, both historically and practically; there’s a reason that the curriculum for Xavier Niel’s revolutionary “42” schools begins with students learning how to rewrite standard C library functions from… Read More

Kaspersky in the crosshairs

Kaspersky is in what you might call "a bit of a pickle."

The Russian cybersecurity firm, famous for its antivirus products and research reports on active threat groups is facing mounting accusations of working with, or for, the Russian government.

A people-first view of investing in innovation or entrepreneurs who take people for granted will fail

 I have long been fascinated by the promise of the world of autonomous transport. However, as the conversation at a recent event turned to the complexities that autonomous cars might introduce to the urban thoroughfare, I had an insight: We need to think of people not just as consumers but collectively as the society that shapes technology just as much as technology shapes society. Read More

The internet needs us to save net neutrality

Today, thousands of websites and organizations are showing their support for net neutrality in hopes of preserving the open internet. Consider Engadget among them. The Federal Communication Commission, as chaired by former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, is…