Online Anonymity Will Soon Be The Only Kind We Have

guy-fawkes Anonymity: it’s all the rage–Whisper, Secret–and it’s rage-inducing. A Brazilian court has ruled that Secret must be removed from app stores there, and existing installs remotely wiped. The UK’s House of Lords has recommended the end of online anonymity. As usual, judges and politicians don’t understand technology. Anonymity can used for awful things, yes;… Read More

Women In Tech: It’s Not Just A Pipeline Problem

denali-pipeline Why are there so embarrassingly few women in the tech industry? Repeat after me, robotically, defensively: “It’s a pipeline problem!” So says David Cohen of TechStars, echoing many others, e.g. Paul Graham and CNN. But come on, folks. We’re kidding ourselves if we pretend that’s the only obstacle here. The pipeline problem is very real; but so is the trapdoor problem. Read More

German Regulator Backs Google Over Publishers, As Europe Gets Embarrassing

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.36.44 German regulators will not pursue a complaint brought against Google by a group of publishers for giving users access to their news articles.
A number of German publishers, including Axel Springer and Burda, brought the action under a group called VG Media to demand Google pay them for making their articles available to the public on the search engine without paying them.
But Andreas Mundt… Read More

Do Software Engineers Get Enough Respect?

humans_respect “For software engineers, life must seem like it keeps getting better,” cheerleads CNet. Glassdoor agrees: our median salary is now $85K, and six figures in San Francisco. And everyone predicts that demand for our talents is skyrocketing. So what is one to make of a recent claim that, as a class, we are downtrodden, disrespected, and disenfranchised? …Actually, the guy kind of… Read More

BuzzFeed’s Future Depends On Convincing Us Ads Aren’t Ads

buzzfeed-ads1 BuzzFeed makes the majority of its money on ads that pretend to be content, but can it keep up this charade? Or, is the Starbucks-sponsored “10 Summer Emojis That Should Definitely Exist” no charade at all, but actually the future of media that we should just smile and accept? These are the questions that popped out to me from the news that Andreessen Horowitz invested $50 million… Read More

Uber Is About To Launch An API

Uber Robot Uber wins when you hit the “Request A Ride” button, so shouldn’t it try to put that button everywhere? It seemed like a smart plan, so I did some digging and now sources confirm to me that Uber plans to launch an API soon. Google Maps was just the start. While it’s not clear what the exact functionality will be, the Uber API could potentially let partnered developers… Read More

Let’s Get Over Ourselfies

ohanother-selfie-how-eqa6tb It just became even easier to take selfies at inappropriate times. LINE is set to launch a new app just for selfies. Its key feature? It doesn’t make a shutter sound, so no one will notice when you’re surreptitiously snapping a closeup of yourself.
The messaging company’s latest app, called B612, only uses the front-facing camera on your phone and “makes the process… Read More

#Love: Crossing The Read Line

 The birth of the Read Receipt was inconspicuous enough. It started out in our work email, with easy opt-out options, and was meant to slightly increase productivity. Today, the Read Receipt is everywhere, oftentimes as a default, poking its devil…