Microsoft May Axe One-Fifth Of Its Nokia-Sourced Finnish Workforce

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.16.55 AM According to a local-language report in Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, Microsoft is gearing up for around 1,000 layoffs in Finland. Microsoft acquired around 4,700 employees in the country when it purchased substantial assets from Nokia, a deal that closed in April. We reached out but Microsoft declined to comment. At work here is the fact that Microsoft is widely expected to be… Read More

Nokia’s Hardware Division Will Become ‘Microsoft Mobile’

lumia-930-back Nokia and Microsoft’s deal will officially close April 25, and at that time the hardware division Nokia is selling to Redmond will get a rebrand, according to a new leaked memo (via Mashable). It’s not that surprising that Microsoft would opt for something closer to home with its new mobile division, and it’s gone with the straightforward route in picking a new name: Microsoft… Read More

Nokia Announces Three New Lumia Phones: Two Cheap, One Not-So-Cheap

Microsoft is just cramming this first day of its Build conference with news. New Windows 8.1! Royalty-free Windows for phone makers! The return of the start menu!

And now? Not one, not two, but three new Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia phones.

With these new phones — the Lumia 630, 635, and 930 — Microsoft is trying to cover its bases at both ends of the market. Read More

Nokia X Review: Windows Phone Maker Does Low-Cost Android Surprisingly Well

Nokia’s weird foray into Android is the Nokia X, a small, affordable smartphone that uses Google’s mobile OS, painted up as though it were almost a Windows Phone software variant. It’s a strange beast, with a chunky candybar design that blatantly screams ‘Nokia,’ and a price tag aimed at emerging markets. There’s a good chance Microsoft will kill it as soon as… Read More

Nokia Says It’s Disappointed With Indian Court Ruling That Rejected Asset Transfer To Microsoft

Nokia’s transfer of its Indian manufacturing unit and other assets in the country to Microsoft is facing a legal hurdle that could force the Finnish phone maker to take some extreme steps including potential shutdown of the plant. If the Indian manufacturing plant is not transferred to Microsoft, it could mean less money for Nokia from the Microsoft deal. After India’s Supreme Court on… Read More

HTC And Nokia Troll Samsung

As the classic saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game. But HTC and Nokia couldn’t help themselves yesterday during Samsung’s big Galaxy S5 reveal and took to Twitter for a bit of internet trolling. HTC, again, reminded its followers about a big reveal on March 25th. The President of HTC America threw down as well, tweeting the image comparing the gold Galaxy S5 to a… Read More