BlackBerry files suit against Nokia in a battle of once mighty smartphone brands

Nokia Asha 205 BlackBerry suing Nokia is 2017 is a bit Rocky/Apollo Creed fight in Rocky III – two once mighty champions doing battle one more time, with a heck of lot fewer people looking on. Also, there are a couple of series reboots in the works. A lot has changed since the once mighty phone makers glory days. These days both have moved away from making their own handsets, licensing their names… Read More

Nokia introduces MIKA, a digital assistant for engineers and telecom operators

Nokia Shutterstock The Nokia brand has been building a fair amount of heat in the weeks leading up to Mobile World Congress. The world’s biggest phone show is set to see the once-beloved brand’s big return to the smartphone space it once so unceremoniously left behind. Of course, that’s the HMD version, the Nokia name being licensed out by a local company formed from ex-pats of the tech giant.… Read More

Nokia’s voice assistant is for engineers, not ordering Ubers

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple are all developing their voice assistants to be the perfect companions for our busy lives, helping us control our smart homes, buy things, summon Ubers, play funky music and find out what show that guy from that fi…

Low-cost DNA sequencer uses Nokia 1020’s camera as a microscope

If the Nokia 1020 has a memorable feature, it's surely the phone's 41-megapixel camera — the same one a team of researchers are now using for their phone-based DNA sequencer and molecular analyzer. The scientists from the University of California, L…

Nokia appears to be working on its own AI assistant

It seems that just about everyone wants to get into the AI assistant game. Nokia (the networking giant, not HMD Global's brand) has applied for a trademark on "Viki," a chat- and voice-based helper for smartphones and the web. Details are scarce –…

HMD’s first Nokia smartphone is heading to China

Nokia 6 Nokia fans hankering to get their hands on a new smartphone with their beloved brand name — and without Microsoft’s unloved mobile OS — will need to go to China if they want to buy the first Android-powered from the Finnish phone maker that’s now licensing Nokia’s IP for phones. Read More

Nokia’s new owner launches its first Android smartphone

The first Nokia Android smartphone from the brand's new owner has finally arrived, but it comes with bad news for folks who want to try it out: It will only be available in China. Finnish company HMD Global, which acquired the rights to release Nokia…

Withings products disappear from Apple stores following Nokia patent kerfuffle

screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-28-03-am As much of the rest of us were gearing up for a relatively quiet holiday season, Apple and Nokia were getting ready to go to battle, reigniting a war that had seemingly gone cold in 2011 with a reported $720 million settlement for the use of a number of patents.
Earlier this week, Apple filed suit in California, alleging that Nokia removed certain patents from the deal for the purpose of… Read More