LG To Build The Nexus 6, Says Report

Another year and another Nexus device. If one report out of Germany is believed, LG is tasked once again to produce this next-gen Nexus device. If true, this would be the third consecutive Nexus device built by LG after Google used Samsung for the Gala…

The Nexus 5 Now Comes In Red

nexusIn case you feel the white Nexus 5 is too ostentatious and the black Nexus 5 is to monotonous, the Nexus 5 now comes in red. Because red says you’re confident and are not afraid to show it. Pricing is the same: $349 for the 16GB and $399 for the 32GB. It’s currently only available through the Google Play store, but a recent Sprint leak seems to indicate it will hit at least that carrier in the near future. Personally, I’m holding out for the transparent version because it’s what’s inside that counts. Or some malarkey like that.

TC Droidcast Episode 20: Motorola Goes To Lenovo, Google Loves Nexus And Ouya V2

droidcast-banner-20It’s a brave new dawn for the TechCrunch Droidcast as I take over hosting duties from Chris Velazco… who returns temporarily from the distant lands of Engadget to share his insights on Google’s sale of Motorola to Lenovo, the Nexus program at Google and what’s next for hardware there, and the new, slightly improved Ouya Android console. Remember that you can now also catch Chris on the Engadget Mobile Podcast, if you miss him. Plus remember that even though Google has jettisoned its own pet mobile phone maker, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have hardware chops – the Nest team has just come on board, for instance, and isn’t likely to leave the roost anytime soon. As for the Ouya, if you’re looking to learn more about what’s new with the updated hardware, you’ll find the (short) list here. We invite you to enjoy weekly Android podcasts every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern and 1:00 p.m. Pacific (new time!), in addition to our weekly Gadgets podcast at 3 p.m. Eastern and noon Pacific on Fridays. Subscribe to the TechCrunch Droidcast in iTunes, too, if that’s your fancy. Intro music by Kris Keyser Direct download available here.

White Nexus 7 Now Available In 32GB Model In The US, UK And Japan For $269

Nexus7_White_HeroGoogle has just released a white version of the Nexus 7 tablet, in white and packing 32GB of storage, available now for $269 on the Google Play Devices store, so long as you’re in the U.S., U.K. or Japan. There’s no LTE version and no 16GB model, unlike with the black Nexus 7, but if you’re looking for a color match tablet for your white Nexus 5 you’re now in luck.

This Week On The TechCrunch Droidcast: We’re All Getting The Nexus 5, So Break Me Off A Piece Of That KitKat

droidcast13Google messed up Daniel Bader’s Nexus 5 order, and that makes him sad. Truly, our guest from MobileSyrup and BetaKit deserves better than having half his hopes dashed by a UPS delivery man live on air. We’ve all ordered Nexus 5 smartphones like the Android suckers we are, and so we chat KitKat and what dreams may come.

Google’s Barge Likely A Modular, Floating Retail Space To Feature Glass

bargeGoogle caught some attention this past week for mooring a huge barge in SF Bay for mysterious purposes. Rumors have been flying about what that barge could be used for, with some suggesting it’s a floating data center, which Google does indeed have a patent for. But reports from a Bay Area local CBS affiliate and CNET suggest it’s a retail play, and now CBS is reporting (via 9to5Google) that as confirmed from multiple sources. According to our sources the various reports about the barges being showcases for Google’s Glass retail efforts are correct. The sources we spoke to were still uncertain about the exact uses that all of the barges would be put to in the end, but aiding Google in showcasing Glass for its eventual retail run is the likeliest fate of the units docked behind San Francisco’s Treasure Island. The CBS story outlined a luxury showroom with a ‘party deck’ up top and spaces below for retail stores that could showcase Glass and other Google products. This report was said to be ‘pretty accurate’ by our sources. CBS affiliate KPIX 5 says that the barge will eventually include luxury showrooms for gadgets such as Google Glass, as well as a party deck, and provide hands-on experiences to select potential clients by invitation only. It’s the brainchild of Google X, the skunkworks at Google designed to build some of that company’s more experimental products and services, including Google Glass and self-driving cars, and it’s overseen by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Brin is reportedly the driving force behind this retail barge experiment, and the purpose of the plan is to compete with Apple’s dominating retail presence, according to the CBS report. While the barge doesn’t look like a luxury showroom at the moment, it’s built out of modular 40-foot shipping containers and is designed to be quickly torn down and put back together easily. It’s not a strictly seaborne affair, either – Google could reportedly assemble it on trucks or on freight trains, too, adding new meaning to the term “road show.” CBS says that the barge’s launch has been delayed because of how it’s been designated by the U.S. Coast Guard, which is so far complying with Google’s apparent request that its purpose be kept secret. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that suggested Google would begin opening its own retail stores in time for this year’s holiday season.