Windows Live to get social networking features

Microsoft Corp. is planning a Windows Live update in the coming weeks that adds social networking features to the software maker’s instant messaging program, free Hotmail e-mail service and other sites.

Spam host blocked from Net

The volume of junk e-mail may have dropped drastically after a Web-hosting firm, identified by many in the computer security community as a major host of spam activity, was taken offline.

U.S. gay marriage fight takes to the Internet

The rejection of gay marriage by California voters has unleashed a hurricane of protest on the Internet, with some supporters venting their anger and others planning national demonstrations.

iPhone and iPod touch vying with game leaders

iPhone and iPod touch have become “serious competitors to Nintendo’s DS handheld and Sony’s PlayStation Portable,” report Nick Wingfield and Christopher Lawton ( And for good reason. Says one gamer who “sold his PSP and may get rid of his DS soon”: “‘I can listen to my iPod and play games at the same time, and when I’m done I can just put it in my pocket.’”