Theater Review: ‘Sounding Beckett,’ at the Classic Stage Company

“Sounding Beckett,” directed by Joy Zinoman, features three Samuel Beckett plays written rather late in his life.

Texas Monthly: Giving Viewers Some New Music to Treasure

Of the 20 acts scheduled for the coming 38th season of “Austin City Limits,” only five have been on the show before. In advance of this season’s Oct. 6 premiere, a look at this year’s freshman class.

Music Review: John Cage and Pierre Boulez Juxtaposed at Miller Theater

Just as Cage-centenary saturation is about to set in for some music lovers, the Composer Portraits series brings works by him and Boulez to the Miller Theater.

Critic’s Notebook: ‘Einstein on the Beach’ Tries to Recapture a New York Era

“Einstein on the Beach,” the 1976 Philip Glass and Robert Wilson operatic spectacle, endures more for its music than for its staging.

José Curbelo, Manager for Leading Latin Music Acts, Dies at 96

Mr. Curbelo, a bandleader in his own right, had his biggest influence as manager of stars like Tito Puente and Machito Grillo.

William Duckworth, Internet Composer, Dies at 69

Mr. Duckworth, a post-Minimalist who wrote “Time Curve Preludes,” grew to embrace the Internet as a focus of electronic works.

ArtsBeat: Charting OG Ron C on Frank Ocean

The Houston DJ and record executive OG Ron C gives Frank Ocean’s acclaimed debut album, “Channel Orange,” the chopped-and-screwed subgenre treatment.