Private search browser Cliqz buys Ghostery ad-tracker tool

Ghostery Mozilla-backed Cliqz, a German startup building an anti-tracking browser with a built-in private search feature powered by aggregated usage of its products, is acquiring the consumer assets of ad-tracker privacy tool and browser extension Ghostery. Read More

Mozilla shutters its connected devices division

Mozilla will close its gadgets division, laying off some 50 employees working on products for connected devices (like smart TVs, for example) in the process. While the company wouldn't comment on the specific number of employees affected, it offered…

‘Firefox Focus’ Private Browser Update Brings Multi-Language Support, Custom Search Engine Option

Mozilla has added more than 20 new languages to Firefox Focus, its privacy-centric browser that automatically blocks all trackers as users navigate around the web.

The latest update to the stripped-down web browser – which features an “Erase” button at the top of the app to erase all browsing history, searches, cookies, and passwords instantly – means users can now browse privately in 27 languages.


The additional support includes Arabic, Azerbaijani, Czech, Welsh, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, among many other tongues.

One of the complaints about the previous version of Focus was that it forced users to use a default search engine. Mozilla says it’s listened to criticism and added a new option that allows users to select an alternative search service, which includes non-tracking engine DuckDuckGo.


When using Focus’s most stringent tracker blocking setting, occasionally some sites visited in the app may fail to display as intended, making viewing content difficult. To compensate for this, Mozilla has also added a new button that allows users to open the web page in Firefox or Safari instead.

The first incarnation of the Focus brand came in 2015 in the form of a content blocker for iOS 9. In November of last year, Mozilla launched Focus as a fully functioning privacy browser.

Firefox Focus is available to download from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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