‘Alien: Covenant’ preview evokes original’s nostalgic last supper

While the first official trailer for Alien: Covenant showed us terrifying images of a colony ship gone horribly wrong, this new preview gives us a full, uncut scene. It's a stunning glimpse at the titular ship's crew relaxing together with a final me…

In Open Letter, 65 Writers and Artists Urge Trump to Reconsider Visa Ban

The letter, written by PEN America, reads in part: “Vibrant, open intercultural dialogue is indispensable in the fight against terror and oppression.”

IMDb is shutting down its infamous message boards

IMDb's message boards were supposed to encourage discussion among movie buffs, but that's not how they've turned out. If anything, they've developed a reputation for haters and trolls — you'll even find naysayers ragging on people who like Casablan…

Visa Ban Leaves Artists in Limbo, and Institutions Perplexed

Museums, film festivals, theaters and workshops are scrambling to figure out President Trump’s executive order on immigration and the effects it may have.

Critic’s Notebook: ‘La La Land’ Is Stuck in Its Own Time

The film moves through the present moment — political, racial, representational — with blinders on, our critic writes.

Oscar Nomination Puts Lin-Manuel Miranda One Step Closer to an E.G.O.T.

Only 12 performers have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. Mr. Miranda is poised to become the next.

‘Terminator’ reboot will have James Cameron’s oversight

The last few stabs at The Terminator movies haven't gone so well, to put it mildly — you're more likely to have enjoyed the video game tie-ins. And that may well be due to the absence of James Cameron, who sold his rights back in 1984 and hasn't tou…

Jimmy Iovine confirms Apple Music’s plans to offer original video content

Beats' Jimmy Iovine discusses the need for curation Earlier this month, The Wall St. Journal reported how Apple is working to bring in veteran producers to help create original content, including TV series and movies for an expanded Apple Music service. Now, Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has offered additional insight about Apple’s plans in this space, as well as how it hopes to differentiate itself from existing streaming competitors,… Read More