MoviePass CEO: ‘we watch how you drive from home to the movies’

MoviePass' approach to gathering viewer data might raise eyebrows. According to Media Play News, CEO Mitch Lowe told those at a business forum that the movie subscription service's app not only tracks your location, but follows you to and from the t…

Recommended Reading: The dark past of Jessica Jones

The creator of 'Jessica Jones' serves up a dark mirror for our moment
Joy Press,
The New York Times

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix in less than a week, and thanks to a couple of trailers, we know it's going to be dark and angry. The New York Tim…

MoviePass blackouts and anti-fraud tests upset some customers

As MoviePass continues to grow its subscriber base, the all-you-can-watch theater card has upset some customers with a pair of recent moves. This week customers complain that they've seen many showings of the new Jennifer Lawrence movie Red Sparrow m…

Netflix plans to offer around 700 original titles in 2018

This year, Netflix aims to have around 700 original TV shows and movies on its streaming service, Variety reports. CFO David Wells told an audience at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference today that the company will spend som…

The 2018 Oscars Musical Performers Include Mary J. Blige and Common

The broadcast, on March 4, will feature five musical numbers, including “Remember Me” from “Coco” and “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman.”

A Multiplex Where ‘Black Panther’ Plays Next Door to Experimental Music

Next week, AMC Empire 25 in Times Square will be home to a music and video festival that includes the Sun Ra Arkestra and JLin.

The Carpetbagger: The Agony, Absurdity and Ecstasy of the Oscar for Best Song

The first-time nominees Sufjan Stevens and Mary J. Blige join repeat nominees in a category that has always been a mash-up of hits, snoozers and misfires.

Review: ‘Honor Up’ Offers a Raw View of Gangster Life

The filmmaking is point-and-shoot rudimentary, yet this anecdotal movie about drug dealers and their troubles can be oddly persuasive.