Vudu movie streaming comes to Apple TV on August 22nd

It's not just Amazon that's bringing an arguably overdue video service to the Apple TV in the near future. After a tease in June, Vudu has announced that its streaming movie service will come to Apple's media box on August 22nd, or weeks ahead of th…

MoviePass’ $9.95 ‘unlimited’ deal is one movie a day

Going to the movies isn't cheap and MoviePass wants to fix that. The company has just announced a $9.95 no contract subscription plan that'll grant subscribers access to one movie per day in a theater without blackouts. Previously, users were limited…

Channing Tatum says daughter Everly isn’t impressed by him

The 'Lucky Logan' star opened up to ET about trying to win his little girls' approval and dishes on his wife's booming career.

Leia’s ‘Last Jedi’ sendoff will have ‘deep meaning’: John Boyega

The star promises that Carrie Fisher, who died unexpectedly in December, will be honored the right way in the film.

Disney has done streaming before, but its new try could be huge

 Disney announced this afternoon that it’s doing the inevitable. It’s launching its own streaming service in 2019, and will pull its movies from Netflix that same year. But this is not Disney’s first streaming service, as you might recall –  just the first that will be available to consumers in the U.S. The company is already running an on-demand subscription video… Read More

Amazon snags rights to Lucille Ball movie starring Cate Blanchett

Amazon isn't done seeking Hollywood glory just because it has a couple of Oscars under its belt. The internet giant's studio wing has snapped up Luci and Desi, a high-profile biographical flick covering the relationship between I Love Lucy co-creato…