LTE Nexus 9 Available Now At T-Mobile For $600, Coming To Google Play Soon

nexus-9-1 T-Mobile is the first in the world to offer an HTC Nexus 9 with LTE, with the tablet up for sale today via T-Mobile’s online store. It’ll cost you $24.99 or over 24 months, with $0 up front, or $599.76 all told – Just $120 more than the 32 GB Wi-Fi only version. Read More

The Current State Of The Apple SIM, And Its Possible Future

apple-sim Apple unveiled new gadgets on stage today, but they didn’t discuss one of its most interesting new innovations – the Apple SIM. As detailed earlier by TechCrunch, the new SIM card lets you switch between participating carriers, which include AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the U.S., and EE in the U.K. So far, those are the only carriers who have signed on, but Apple is likely… Read More

Qualcomm Unveils 64-Bit Chipset With Integrated LTE: Next Year’s Moto G Could Have 4G


Qualcomm has just announced the Snapdragon 410 chipset series, which is Qualcomm’s first announced processor with 64-bit support, but it’s actually more interesting because it aims to make integrated 4G LTE support a lot more affordable for device manufacturers. They plan to launch the 410 as a manufacturing sample by the first half of next year, which means it could be in shipping phones by this time in 2014.

The 64-bit component is a key part of these new chipsets and should make it possible for devs to take advantage of improved processing capabilities in future Android software. But the LTE support being made available to devices like the Moto G, which currently uses a Snapdragon 400 as its powerhouse, and even more affordable devices sold in emerging markets like India and other places is bound to be far more exciting to device makers, app developers and service operators. Access to broadband is often cited as a key factor in helping determine not only income but quality of life, so making LTE affordable, even if only on the consumer hardware end, could have a tremendous impact on the global economy.

It’s not just Android that stands to benefit here, either – Qualcomm calls out specifically Windows Phone and Firefox OS as supported by the Snapdragon 410, too. But for a North American audience, I’d be watching this very closely as used by the newly rejuvenated powers at Google-owned Motorola: As of right now, the Nexus 5 is probably the best deal in a 4G-capable off-contract phone, but Motorola could convert the remaining non-smartphone users domestically into both smartphone and LTE users in one fell swoop.

AT&T’s Unite Pro LTE hotspot supports up to 15 devices, doubles as a charger

The follow-up to AT&T’s Unite LTE hotspot has arrived in time to keep folks connected during their holiday travels. Like its predecessor, the newly launched Unite Pro has a 2.4-inch touchscreen panel where users can change the WiFi network’s info, as well as monitor usage and battery life. The Unite Pro, however, ups the ante by connecting to as many as 15 gadgets, while promising up to 16 hours of use in one charge and having the capability to juice up a device jacked into it. What’s more, the portable modem even packs LTE-A and dual-band WiFi support. Those upgrades do come at a premium — while the original Unite cost mere 99 cents with a two-year contract, the Unite Pro will set you back $50 up front when it’s available on November 22nd. Feeling particularly jazzed about the hardware? Head past the break for a video overview.

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LG G Flex appears on the FCC with AT&T-friendly LTE

LG G Flex appears on the FCC with AT&Tfriendly LTE

Those on our side of the pond who’ve been lusting after LG’s intriguingly flexible handset might’ve seethed with jealousy after finding out it’s heading to Asia and Europe later this year. Thankfully, the US will get its very own version of the LG G Flex as well, if this FCC filing is any indication. The document reveals an LG D959 — the G Flex’s model number — with LTE band 17, a sure sign that the phone is headed to the Ma Bell network. Other tidbits gleaned from the listing suggest that the G Flex also has quad-band GSM support, 802.11a/ac/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS, most of which we already knew. At last, it seems that we’ll be that much closer to seeing how LG’s bendy smartphone compares to its curvy competitor.

Update: It appears the FCC document also listed LTE Band 4 (AWS), which means it might head to T-Mobile as well.

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FreedomPop intros a free plan: includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data per month

FreedomPop intros a free plan: includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data per month

It’s no longer a summertime tease: FreedomPop’s freemium mobile phone service is now officially a go. Launched in beta today, the operator’s basic plan offers consumers a voice/text/data bundle that nets them 200 anytime minutes, 500 texts and 500MBs for the price of, well, nothing per month — and it’s contract-free, too. There’s also a more robust unlimited voice and text package for chattier users that runs about $11/mo. Keep in mind, FreedomPop’s network piggybacks on Sprint 3G, WiMAX and LTE, so coverage, reception and call quality (it’s VoIP) will be vary depending on your location and any data overages will cost you $0.01/MB and $10/GB.

It’s not all free champagne and strawberries, though — there is an actual price of entry, and it comes in the form of HTC’s EVO Design, offered at a very reasonable $99. Users accustomed to more device choice will have to hold out until later this year, as FreedomPop does plan to add other Android devices to its lineup. For now, though, it’s extremely slim pickings. But can you really look a gift horse in the mouth? We didn’t think so, freeloaders.

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Mobile Miscellany: week of September 23rd, 2013

Mobile Miscellany week of September 23rd, 2013

If you didn’t get enough mobile news during the week, not to worry, because we’ve opened the firehose for the truly hardcore. This week brought a new LTE phone to Boost Mobile, hints of consolidation between Sprint and T-Mobile, and lastly, hints of what we might see at Nokia’s upcoming ‘innovation reinvented’ event. These stories and more await. So buy the ticket and take the ride as we explore all that’s happening in the mobile world for this week of September 23rd, 2013.

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AT&T CEO talks up plan for LTE Broadcast video network, remains light on specifics

AT&T CEO talks up plan for an LTE Broadcast video network

Samsung and others have promised to deliver TV over 4G using the LTE Broadcast standard, and it looks like you can now also add AT&T to the list of those hoping to make it a reality. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference today, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed that the carrier intends to use the slice 700MHz spectrum it acquired from Qualcomm back in 2011 for an LTE Broadcast network of its own designed to deliver video to LTE-enabled devices (and lighten the load on the rest of its wireless network in the process). Stephenson didn’t offer too many more details than that, however, saying only that the carrier is now almost “all about architecting networks to deliver video,” and that we can expect to see the technology “mature in scale within the three-year time horizon.” As Fierce Wireless notes, Verizon has also said that it hopes to deploy some type of LTE Broadcast service in time for the 2014 Super Bowl, although it, too, has remained light on specifics beyond that.

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