Google Smartwatch Specs Leak, Show Hardware Comparable To Galaxy Gear 2

Some new details about Google’s upcoming smartwatch, which is said to be made by occasional Nexus hardware partner LG, have emerged from mobile leaker @evleaks, who has a solid track record when it comes to unreleased devices. Shortly after TechCrunch reported that Google’s smartwatch development is progressing, @evleaks said that LG was making Google’s device, and that it would… Read More

LG To Build The Nexus 6, Says Report

Another year and another Nexus device. If one report out of Germany is believed, LG is tasked once again to produce this next-gen Nexus device. If true, this would be the third consecutive Nexus device built by LG after Google used Samsung for the Gala…

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Android-Flavored Nokia Phone, LG G Flex, And The Crunchies!

gadgets140214Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds. We’ve got quite the treat for you.

This week, rumors spread that Nokia and Microsoft are working on an Android phone, to be released later this month. Meanwhile, LG has been making waves with the new curved-screen LG G Flex. And finally, we all returned from a super fun, 7th annual Crunchies award show, where Kickstarter won best overall startup.

Fly Or Die: LG G Flex

Screenshot 2014-02-02 18.47.50The LG G Flex is one of the most hyped phones of the year.

Granted, it’s only January and granted, LG isn’t the most exciting Android manufacturer around, but it has a curved display! Curved, I say! And LG even says it can heal itself if you scratch it.

Hands On With LG’s Life Band Touch: A Wristband To Rule Them All?

lg-life-band-touch3LG’s new fitness tracker is interesting because it also seems to stand a very good chance of providing people with many of the features they’d need from a smartwatch, including incoming call notifications and remote control for a smartphone-based music player. I braved a throng of sweaty journalists to try one on, and came away impressed.

Source Code Says LG’s G-Pad Tablet Will Get The Google Play Edition Treatment

gpad-largeGoogle and LG have been getting awfully cozy lately — the web giant tasked the Korean company with delivering its two most recent Nexus smartphones, and if you’re the type to put stock in rumors, it seemed like a new Nexus tablet (bearing the model number “LG-V510″) would be the next fruit of their union.

Well, according some files posted to LG’s own site, it isn’t. Not exactly, anyway.