WebOS Shambles Back From The Grave In LG’s Latest Smartwatch

LG-G-Watch-Urbane-LTE LG has officially announced the Watch Urbane and the Watch Urbane LTE, two handsome wearables that they had previously announced at the end of February. Why should you care? Well, primarily because the Urbane LTE are bucking Google and instead are running webOS and is a fully-featured phone with NFC and a bigger battery. It’s almost as if WebOS, like the old man in the wagon, is calling… Read More

LG’s New Smartwatch Will Support LTE But Won’t Run Android Wear

LG+Watch+Urbane+LTE_4%5B20150226134648020%5D LG is developing its own software for smartwatches after the company announced that one version of its upcoming LG Watch Urbane will run on its own “proprietary” platform. Read More

TC Droidcast Episode 38: Just No, Neptune Duo

new-droidcast-banner This week, we have a rare opportunity to just plain unleash on a device: The Neptune Duo, which puts all the smartphone smarts inside an Android-powered smartwatch, then makes the screen in your pocket essentially a dumb receiver. It’s backwards and bad, and we find we’re mostly in agreement on that point. In other news, LG has another Android Wear device coming to market, making… Read More

LG Prepares To Battle The Apple Watch With Its First All-Metal Smartwatch

LG+WATCH+URBANE+LIFESTYLE+04%5B20150216113050508%5D LG was among the first wave of smartphone makers to venture into smartwatches. The G Watch and G Watch R are probably among the best in the market right now — not that this statement says much — but LG has just announced its latest addition, the LG Watch Urbane, as Apple prepares to enter the space. Read More

Up Close And Personal With The New Banana-Shaped LG G Flex 2

IMG_4959 Right after LG’s press conference at CES, we got our hands on the newly announced LG G Flex 2. LG’s new flagship smartphone’s killer feature is its curved form factor that is supposed to resist bending. The phone falls into the phablet category with its gigantic 5.5-inch display. But it was much easier to grab than an iPhone 6 Plus. The curved form factor is a nice addition… Read More

Yo Dawg! LG Hears You Like Washing Machines…

IMG_4923 LG has taken your laundry to the next level with the introduction of a new front-loading washer with a Twin Wash system. What does that mean?
It means that LG has packed a regular-sized washing machine with an extra, mini washing machine in the bottom. This allows you to do two separate loads at the same time, or simply pop a smaller load into the mini washer to save water and energy. Read More

LG’s New G Flex 2 Bends In All The Right Places

IMG_4946 LG is about to announce its latest flagship smartphone, the G Flex 2. It bends! That’s the big news. But don’t get too excited. The new bendy LG phone is more of an assurance that the G Flex 2 is durable. Yet, the bend itself doesn’t promise added functionality of any sort. However, durability is clearly a focal point. However you bend the phone, LG promises that the phone… Read More

LG And Mercedes-Benz Team Up To Develop A System To Power Self-Driving Cars

mercedes LG is partnering up with Mercedes-Benz as it looks enable a smarter, more autonomous driving experience for the future. Read More