China Telecom Posts iPhone 6 Pre-Order Page, But Don’t Trust Its Pics And Info

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.18.24 PM China Telecom has a new pre-order page up for the iPhone 6, despite the fact that it’s still not official, and likely won’t be until Apple’s big unveiling event on September 9. The website depicts high-quality renders of a new iPhone model as viewed from the side. The images are in line with what we’ve seen before, showing an iPhone with contours that resemble the iPad… Read More

Instagram’s “Bolt” Leak Could Be A New Facebook App Or An App Install Ad Test

bolt Some Instagram users are reporting having briefly seen a banner advertisement within the Instagram application which pointed to a new app called “Bolt,” described as a “one tap photo messaging” app. Next to the app’s name and description, a download button linked out to a non-functional URL on the Google Play store. The current speculation being shared around the… Read More

Tizen 3.0 UI allegedly spotted running on a Galaxy S 4

Tizen 30 UI allegedly spotted on a Galaxy S 4

Tizen, the progeny of MeeGo, LiMo and Bada, hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. But even if manufacturers and consumers aren’t clamoring for yet another smartphone platform, that doesn’t mean Samsung and Intel are simply going to let the OS wither and die. In fact, version 3.0 of the UI is well on its way, and it appears to be up and running Galaxy S 4 hardware. The new look is flatter, squarer and much more inline with current design trends. Gone are the slightly cartoonish and round elements that have now been adopted by Mozilla for Firefox OS. The bright and varied color palate remains, however, giving Tizen a much more whimsical appearance than Android or Windows Phone. Though the images at the source link are hardly a thorough tour of the new UI, you can see that there are detailed lockscreen alerts and you can get a quick glance at the music player. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if Samsung will actually release a high-end Tizen phone based on the S 4 to consumers… but we’re not exactly holding our breath.

[Image courtesy of Tizen Indonesia]

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iPhone 5C glimpsed in blue and other colors, doesn’t look awful

iPhone 5C glimpsed in blue and pink, actually looks quite premium

Our previous look at a tangled pile of iPhone 5C’s wasn’t especially flattering, and it only showed the plain white version of the rumored handset. The newer image above is impossible to authenticate, but it’s a tad more sympathetic and it comes from a batch of photos of yellow, pink and blue plastic iPhones (or perhaps knock-offs) that briefly appeared on Chinese site before being deleted at the request of a “relevant party.” Although there are definitely some echoes of Nokia’s Lumia 620 here, the close-up shot of the blue model suggests we may be looking at something a bit thinner, with slightly less rounded edges, and with a non-removable unibody that may also have a more serious matte finish — although the translucent packaging makes it hard to be sure. Go ahead and squint at the other photos after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reportedly landing on Three UK September 16th, Sony Xperia Z1 coming September 24th

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1 reportedly landing on Three UK

The two most anticipated smartphones of next week’s IFA show, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1, haven’t been officially announced, but neither manufacturer has made any secret of their existence. So, we aren’t at all surprised to see that the two devices are starting to become common knowledge amongst the employees at various carriers. An anonymous tipster who claims to work for Three UK has sent us images of an internal doc which shows when the carrier will begin selling the pair of devices, with the Note 3 arriving on the 16th of September and the Z1 following on the 24th. Even if this is accurate, we still can’t be sure Three will be the first to launch them — nor can we account for any potential delays — but it’s at least a solid indicator that the phones will arrive sooner rather than later. We don’t have much longer to wait before we find out, but it’s something to chew on over the weekend.

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HTC’s mid-range market strategy in China continues as 4.3-inch 301e gets certified


Lately, China’s TENAA telephone certification center has been an even bigger tattletale than the FCC, and it just leaked another unannounced handset: the HTC 301e. While likely not coming to the US, the dual-SIM device is another cog in CEO Peter Chou’s plan to grow its mid-range end smartphone stable in China. It also has some One design touches, like the top speaker grill and two button design. Otherwise, it’s scraping the bottom of the mid-range, with a 4.3-inch 480 x 800 screen, 1GHz dual-core CPUs, 512MB RAM, WCDMA 3G, 8GB of storage expandable to 64GB via microSD and a 5-megapixel camera. While that won’t set anyone’s hair on fire, it does show that HTC is serious about more than just flagships in China.

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Source: TENAA (translated)

Blue HTC One shell gets snapped in the non-flesh

Blue HTC One shell gets snapped in the nonflesh

Press renders? Pah. Now we’ve seen snaps of the forthcoming blue HTC One in some of its metallic glory. The shell, which was reportedly snapped by a worker who works for a factory contracted to make parts for HTC’s smartphones, seems to confirm that the company is cooking up an azure edition of its flagship handset. While we’re not sure if this will single-handedly restore HTC’s fortunes, at least there’s a built-in market for fans of Eiffel 65, ELO and the bad guys from Firefly.

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Source: Sina Weibo

Sony’s rumored ILC-3000 E-mount camera flaunts Alpha-like form factor in leak

Sony's rumored ILC3000 APSC camera leaks out

Rumors of Sony’s ILC-3000 or A-3000 E-mount camera have been floating in the wind for a while, but so far nothing of substance has touched down. Now, a contributor at has spotted Sony advocate Gustav Kiburg with a model that seems to fit the bill. Though it looks more like an Alpha DSLR than a NEX, the E-mount camera is purported to have no mirror and a 20-megapixel APS-C sensor that maxes out at 16,000 ISO (not to mention, captures 1080p video). Amazingly, it also apparently sports a reasonable, £300 ($450 or so) price tag. We’ll soon find out whether any of that is true if yet another rumor proves accurate — it’s supposedly set to arrive early tomorrow morning in Europe.

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