Unicorn And Fairy Dress up

Teddy The Guardian, The Protective Plushie, Gets $400K In Seed Investment

LR3A0310 Teddy the Guardian, unlike his animatronic cousin, Teddy Ruxpin, will not terrify your children. Teddy is actually a vital signs sensor that allows parents to check a child’s temperature and heart rate with a single tap of the bear’s paw. Because it’s also a beloved toy, the child won’t be frightened and doctors and parents can see the results inside a mobile app in… Read More

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5 New features include: The massive update to Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is here!  This neat upgrade delivers a lot of new and fancy content:     * 4 New Tower Types: Beam, Poison, Self-Destruct, and Confusion.  …

Star Forge

Star Forge A few weeks ago I was eating cereal for breakfast when out of nowhere I was blind sided with an idea for a game.  I knew it had to be simple, it had to have a lot of …

Bitsbox Debuts Monthly Coding Projects That Teach Kids To Build Simple Apps

Box open When Bitsbox co-founder Scott Lininger learned to code, it was on a TRS-80 color computer his mom and dad bought him when he was a kid. He says he taught himself coding by copying from the book that came with the computer. Now a dad himself, Lininger wanted to offer his daughter the opportunity to experience learning to code much in the same way he did, but couldn’t find a service… Read More

Swim Up

Swim Up Swim your way through 15 exciting levels and collect as much treasure as you can.Watch out for the nasty Sharks, Jellyfish, Stingrays and Whirl pools.Oh and don’t forget to collect the air bubbles on your way or you …