10 Trends Transforming Enterprise IT

 When it comes to corporate IT, revolution is in the air. The way companies buy, build, manage, optimize and secure information technology is changing dramatically. From cloud computing to big data analytics to ubiquitous mobile connectivity, corp…

Google Apps Admins Finally Get An Android App To Manage Their Users, Services And Devices On The Go

google_admin_logoGoogle has continuously made its Google Apps Admin Console for IT professionals who manage large Google Apps for Business, Education and Government deployments in their companies more powerful. But one thing it never offered these administrators was a mobile app to manage at least a subset of the Admin console’s features. Today, however, Google finally released its first official Android app that allows admins to perform many common tasks right on their phones and tablets.

Soluto Brings Web-Based PC Management To Small Business, Ranks The Best Windows Laptops For SMBs (It’s A Mac)

soluto-iphoneOver the last few years, Israeli IT startup Soluto has morphed from simply being PC software that helps users run diagnostics on their hard drives, to a web-based platform that aims to turn you into a one-person Help Desk. In other words, Soluto now allows anyone to offer remote tech support and run diagnostics, whether that be for your mom’s computer or dozens of customers.

DynamicOps Acquisition Helps VMware Differentiate From AWS And Infrastructure Players

dynamicopsVMware announced the acquisition today of DynamicOps, a purchase that puts it in position to differentiate itself from the traditional infrastructure providers.

It’s not a sexy acquisition, but it’s practical. VMware gets a tighter story for how it plans to add value, in face of deeper competition from the likes of Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack, the open-source environment for building your own cloud.