Tesla Model S Software Update Brings iPhone Unlocking And Ignition Start

model-s-photo-gallery-01 Tesla owners have been looking forward to OS 6.0, a software update for their vehicles, for a while now, but it’s finally rolling out to vehicle owners, reports Electrek. The system adds a bunch of new features for Model S vehicles, including a new Calendar app for in-car use, and big improvements to the Maps/Navigation software. What’s amazing (and surprising) for iPhone users is… Read More

Apple’s Sapphire iPhone Costs Could Be Lower Than Expected

Apple patents stronger sapphire displays Apple’s plan is to work synthetic sapphire into pricier next-generation iPhone models, according to the WSJ, provided they can get enough supply. While some analysts quoted expect this to potentially increase the consumer price of iPhone hardware, I’d be very skeptical of next-gen smartphones from Apple carrying retail costs higher than they currently do for buyers. Instead,… Read More

Why The iPhone 6 Will Be The Device Of The Year

iphone6_topic - NOT FOR FEATURED IMAGE Apple is gearing up for a big product announcement on September 9, and all indications are that it will be a new iPhone. The iPhone 6, as it’s being called in the press, will deliver a lot of changes over the iPhone 5s, which got relatively modest updates compared to the iPhone 5. It’s also one of the most important device launches Apple has ever had, given how long it’s… Read More

Peter Molyneux’s Godus Game Can Make You A Mobile Deity On iOS Right Now

MeteorStrike_zoomed Wacky game creator Peter Molyneux took to Kickstarter to fund the development of Godus, a god sim and Populous spiritual successor designed for mobile back in 2012. Now, after an early access launch late last year, it’s finally available to all for free on the App Store. The iPhone and iPad-optimized game lets you experience the joy of creation and the enthralling sting of destruction as… Read More

Apple’s iPhone Event Said To Be Happening Sept. 9

Apple Moscone Apple is said to be preparing for a September 9 iPhone event this year, at which we’ll likely see the next generation iPhone devices, according to Re/Code’s John Paczkowski. The date would be in keeping with past iPhone launches, and early reports suggest we’ll see the company reveal larger-screened iPhone devices on that day. Typically, Apple holds its event and and then… Read More

Ford Plans To Replace BlackBerries With iPhones Beginning This Year

new-it-hero Ford is going to start switching its employees over to iPhone, beginning with moving 3,300 staffers from BlackBerry devices to iPhones by the end of the year. Over the course of the next two years, approximately 6,000 employees will get iPhones, replacing their existing flip phones, but ultimately the goal is to get everyone on Apple’s iPhone platform, a Ford spokesperson told Bloomberg. Read More