The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is The New Hotness

scaled-5328 The smartphone to beat this season is the Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s slim, stylish, and powerful, a mashup between the previous Galaxy S series with the original iPod Touch. It’s well-made and unique, a combination rarely found in cellphones these days and it is as far from the Galaxy S5 as the T-1000 was from the original Terminator. In short, it’s pretty cool and probably the only… Read More

The Beastgrip Pro Turns Your Phone Into A Mobile Video Rig

Beastgrip Pro The Beastgrip Pro is a rig system for your phone that lets you take better photos and video by adding stability, mics, lights, and lenses. Read More

How The Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Plus Might Flip Your Mobile Computing Habits

IMG_8970 Apple’s new wearable hardware could eventually become much more than just an optional accessory – eventually, it could be one half of a Voltron-style combo that makes up the bulk of our computing life, relegating the tablet and smartphone model to the past. Just like a tablet/smartphone combo was a common duo over the past few years, a smartwatch/phablet duo could be the optimal… Read More

This Box Bruteforces Your iPhone PIN Without Triggering The 10-Guess Limit

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 5.21.45 PM A simple PIN might keep your iPhone safe from the prying hands of a curious toddler or a drunk friend. But slap that thing in a robot that exists for no reason but to try every possible PIN one-by-one, and it’ll crack it right open.
These machines have existed for a while, but this one is particularly crazy: if you’ve got your iPhone set to clear all of its data after 10 failed… Read More

Medium Now Lets You Write Posts From Its iOS App

Medium writing iOS Popular blogging platform and publisher Medium has announced that the latest update to its iOS app will finally let users compose posts from their iPhone or iPad. It’s a feature that many fans of the platisher (publorm?) have been begging the company for from day one. It’s landing in the wake of another recent update, which let you start writing an outline or short post in an… Read More

Swifty Teaches Apple’s New Programming Language On Your iPhone

Swifty app iPhone iPad Swifty is an app that provides an interactive set of tutorials that gradually guide you through the basics of Swift on your iPhone or iPad, from the very basics of variables and data types to the essentials of object-oriented programming. Read More

Make Games On Your iPhone With Playr

Playr For nearly two years, eighteen-year-old Chris Galzerano has been working on Playr, an app that lets anyone make their own games. Unlike engines and kits like Unity or GameSalad, Playr doesn’t require a powerful PC or professional-tier tools to get started — all development takes place in the phone. Read More

YC-Backed Pakible Makes It Dead Simple For Businesses To Design, Ship Packaging

Reddit_box_5 With e-commerce startups breaking into eyewear, beauty, shaving, monthly subscriptions products and more, there will be plenty of need for boxes and packaging. That’s where Pakible, a Y Combinator-backed startup, is hoping to come in. Founded by Nick Carson and Phillip Akhzar, who used to work for iPhone and iPad repair startup iCracked, the company makes it simple for any business… Read More