Google Releases Helpouts App For iOS

Google Helpouts Google introduced Helpouts last year to HELP PEOPLE OUT (yeah that’s where they got the name). The system works through Hangouts, letting people connect with experts for paid or free video chats that are about solving a specific problem, rather than just shooting the breeze with pals as we all do on Hangouts all the time. Now Helpouts is available on iOS thanks to a new app. Helpouts for… Read More

Apple Explores Bayonet Mounts For Swappable iPhone Camera Lenses

Apple has been granted a patent by the USPTO (spotted by AppleInsider) for interchangeable lenses for a mobile device, meaning it’s possible future iPhones will have the built-in ability to swap out one lens, say a macro for close-ups, for another, like a wide-angle for sweeping landscapes. The patent first turned up as an application a few weeks ago, but Apple has already been granted… Read More

China’s iOS Usage Spiked With New iPhones, But Increase Driven By Older Models, Mixpanel Finds

A new report about the state of iOS usage in China from mobile analytics firm Mixpanel reveals a lot of interesting info about how one of Apple’s most important international markets is adopting its mobile OS. The good news is that iOS usage overall is rising quickly, especially over the past year – but that increase in usage isn’t necessarily coming from the sale of brand new… Read More

Apple Patents Live Voicemail Screening, Would Let Users Pick Up And Answer Mid-Message

Apple has a new patent published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider), and this one is a result of its deal to acquire Nortel’s considerable trove of intellectual property with the Rockstar consortium of tech companies. The patent describes a method for letting user listen in on, as well as interrupt and answer remotely hosted voicemail recordings. Essentially, this is what old landline… Read More