Goodmail Is Back Trying to Sell Access to Your In-Box

Goodmail Systems now has deals to pay most big Internet and Webmail providers to deliver messages from its clients without subjecting them to the dreaded spam filter. In return for first class delivery, Goodmail pays the e-mail companies a big part of its fees. Does this two-tier system violate the ideas of network neutrality?

Sugar Leaves the NBC Suite

Sugar Inc., the women’s blog network, has ended its advertising partnership with NBC Universal and taken its ad sales in-house. That leaves a gap in NBC’s women’s blog network.

A Cone of External Swirl for Yahoo

Among the excuses Yahoo gave for sluggish revenue and disappointing profits in the second quarter were “headwinds” from a weak advertising market and “external swirl related to Microsoft.”

European V.C. Firm Arrives Stateside

European venture capital firm Wellington Partners has opened a Silicon Valley office to help its investors and entrepreneurs bridge the cultural divide.

Technology’s Next Wave: Transforming Teamwork and Travel?

Video teleconferencing is growing more popular, thanks in part to high fuel prices. But is this the beginning of a deeper shift in how corporations and their employees work?