‘Weekend Update’ Scorches Melania Trump Over Flip-Flop On ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket

In an ABC News interview, the first lady said the jacket was a deliberate choice directed at “the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me.”

Alec Baldwin Embraces His ‘Black Trump’ In Crazed ‘SNL’ Meeting With ‘Kanye’

“He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t listen to anybody but himself. Who does he remind of?” wonders Baldwin.

Bill Maher ‘Reveals’ What Questions Donald Trump Will Answer For Robert Mueller

The “Real Time” host also called out the president for repeatedly dubbing Democrats “an angry mob.”

‘The Daily Show’ Says ‘Horny-Ass Moms’ Could Decide Georgia Governor’s Race

Democrat Stacey Abrams’ other career as a romance novelist may win over this critical demographic, Roy Wood Jr. reports.

‘Spokespuppet’ Kellyanne Kanye Dishes Dirt On Donald Trump’s Meeting With Ye

“The two most stable geniuses in the whole wide world,” gushed the puppet version of the Trump adviser to Jimmy Kimmel.