Google Pay is the new Android Pay

Google recently admitted that Android Pay and Google Wallet probably didn't need to exist as two different services. After a fictional, Highlander-style battle, it was Google Pay that emerged victorious, taking on a new name to define this united bra…

Gmail for Android can send and receive payments as attachments

The Gmail app for Android has scored what used to be a web-only feature. It now has Google Wallet integration, so you can send and request money right within your emails. Say, you need to split the bill for a dinner — all you need to do is tap the a…

Google Wallet launches a streamlined web app

Google Wallet may have killed off physical debits cards earlier this year, but the service is now making it easier to send and receive money with the card you already have. With the launch of the Google Wallet web app, all you need to accept online p…

Google releases revamped Wallet for iPhones and iPads

Apple's mobile devices are never going to get Android Pay, but Google has released its repurposed Wallet app for iOS anyway. Just like its Android counterpart, the app is now decked in green (with the new logo!) and focuses on person-to-person paym…

Android Pay reaches Google Play, ready for all in the US

Sure, Android Pay started its slow rollout last week, but with Google's staged distribution you probably didn't have it yet. Now, the Android team has announced it's officially available on Google Play, so if you live in the US, you should have it…

Google Wallet finally makes its iOS debut, sans NFC

Google Wallet finally makes its iOS debut, sans NFC

Hey iPhone users, Google Wallet is here! The payments app has finally arrived for iOS devices, bringing with it transfers to friends, loyalty card tracking and nearby offers. Tap-to-pay is notably absent, as iOS devices don’t support NFC, but much of the other Wallet functionality does appear to have made its way to the App Store. As for security, you can keep the things locked up using a PIN, and if you lose your phone or tablet, the app can be disabled remotely via Google’s site. Google Wallet for iOS, version 2.0.10206, is available today for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 6.0 or better.

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Google Wallet dropping NFC loyalty points and gift cards

DNP Google deactivating NFC functionality for loyalty and gift cards August 21st

Google is fundamentally changing how an aspect of Wallet works. Again. On August 21st, Mountain View is turning NFC functionality off for Wallet-stored gift and loyalty cards and recommends spending any gift card balances before the deadline later this month (i.e., within 12 days from now). However, if you still have the physical cards, you’re in the clear and can use them without worry. The search giant stressed that it’s working with retailers on other options for gift and loyalty card redemption, and that this latest change would not affect other aspects of the Wallet service, including its ability to handle debit or credit card transactions.

Loyalty program linking is something Google has been showing off since Wallet was first detailed, so it’s curious to see the service suddenly being limited like this. When we asked for clarification, a company spokesperson replied that there wasn’t much more they could share. Page and Co. said its working on a solution though, and will have details to talk about “soon.”

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Google reportedly testing Helpouts: professional services through Hangouts

Google reportedly testing Helpouts

There’s no question that Google Hangouts can be helpful; wouldn’t it be nice to get cash for hosting them? Google may be sympathetic to that idea. TechCrunch claims that the search firm is testing Helpouts, a service that would let most anyone book Hangouts that optionally require fees. The appointment system would lean on Google Wallet for transactions, and it would divide chats into categories such as repair (think tech support) or education. Don’t assume that you’ll be starting a side business just yet, though. Helpouts reportedly entered internal testing in late June, and any public launch would be “at least a month away” — if it happens at all, that is. We’ve reached out to Google for answers, so we’ll let you know if and when it’s time to start charging for online conversations.

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