Google Challenges Amazon For Drone Supremacy

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 5.29.16 PM Need a tube of toothpaste, but don’t want to wait? Google wants to drone that to you, the Mountain View-based technology giant announced today. Google follows Amazon in announcing that it is building consumer delivery-facing drone technology. Amazon previously disclosed that it is working to build drones that can deliver small parcels to shoppers. The two companies have differing… Read More

Google Stops Showing Authorship In Search Results

 Google today announced that it has stopped showing the names of authors in its search results. The company first started showing authorship on its search results pages a few years ago. At first, this was a pretty complicated process (I remember a…

Google Adds 152 Patents To Its Non-Assertion Pledge

14801089763_d18a0d7e53_o Back in 2013, Google announced its plans to not sue anybody who had implemented open-source versions of its MapReduce algorithm. Since then, the company has expanded what it calls its “Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge” to a number of other patents. Today it is announcing its largest expansion of this program to date, with the addition of 152 additional patents. This brings the… Read More

Chrome’s Safe Browsing Tool Now Also Protects You From Downloading Deceptive Software

chrome-safebrowsing Over the years, Google has added all kinds of security features into Chrome through its Safe Browsing service. It can warn you when you are surfing to a site that it deems unsafe, like malware and phishing sites, but also when you are about to download software from known malware sites. Starting today, Google is expanding this program to include downloads of “deceptive software,”… Read More