Google Rips MPAA For Allegedly Leveraging Local Government To Revive SOPA

Corruption in the American Hollywood style is something to behold. Today, Google published a short blog post alleging that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), alongside a number of film studios, funded what was essentially opposition rese…

Google Claims 2015 Will Be A “Moment” For Surveillance Reform

android statutes google Google thinks that next year will be a big moment for surveillance reform. So much so that the company set up a special page on its ‘Take Action’ hub, asking individuals to sign something akin to a petition of sorts to “help make the Internet more secure for everyone.” Why does Google think that 2015 will be big? The company notes that “[i]n June of 2015, we have… Read More

Gmail Now Protects Your Inbox From Malevolent Extensions

 A popular service like Gmail inevitably becomes a target for hackers. Over the years, Google has made quite a few security improvements, such as requiring HTTPS connections to prevent others from getting access to your email. Today the company an…

Spanish Newspapers Want Google News Back

 The Internet is like a delicate rainforest ecosystem. You remove one player and the rest suffer and die. That happened in Spain this week when the government there began cracking down on Google. The Spanish government is requiring the company to …

Google Translate Adds 10 More Languages, Including Burmese

translate translation Google’s translation tool is constantly adding new languages, but its latest update is notable because it includes Burmese, the official language of Myanmar, as well as Malayalam, one of India’s six classical languages with 38 million speakers. Read More

Google Brings ‘My Maps’ Custom Map Creation To Google Drive

google-my-maps-drive Google’s My Maps tool for building custom drives, trips and routes on its Maps product is now integrated into Google Drive, which means you can build custom maps just as easily as you can new documents, slideshows and spreadsheets. Putting the My Maps tools right inside Google Drive says something about Google’s cloud-based productivity plans – this helps distance its… Read More

Google Hangouts For Android Gets Smarter, Adds Video Filters And More

hangouts video filters Google’s Hangouts app for Android is getting a major update today, as the company’s VP of Product for Google+ Bradley Horowitz announced at the LeWeb conference in Paris this morning. Some of these new features are mostly just fun, but a couple of others actually make the service easier to use and show a first glimpse at Google’s future plans for this service. Among the… Read More

U.K. Court Case Against Google Could Clarify Law On Private Data

Safari privacy settings The U.K. data protection watchdog, the ICO, has intervened in a court case brought against Google on privacy grounds by a group of U.K. Internet users because it is interested in how aspects of the case might help clarify questions around the jurisdiction of national data protection law vis-à-vis Internet giants. Read More