Don’t Expect To Use Google Maps With Apple CarPlay

Hopefully iPhone owners have gotten used to Apple Maps by now because it’s likely going to be the only mapping solution available through CarPlay. Apple just released a preview page for its forthcoming iOS vehicle integration. Called CarPlay, the system brings the iPhone’s core functionally to cars. Connect an iPhone 5 or later device through a Lightning cable, and the car’s… Read More

Dear Google, What’s Wrong With You?

google_hurtDear Google: What’s wrong?

I ask because last weekend, while in San Francisco, I asked Google Maps for “hot chocolate mission” — and was promptly directed to an ARCO station in Fremont, 40 miles away. Similarly, last month I searched for “coffee” while in the Embarcadero Center, one of the denser coffee hotspots in America, and was sent to a Starbucks more than two miles away. And it hasn’t escaped my notice that you keep highlighting faraway places with Zagat listings over much closer places without.

Now, sure, if you’re thinking “hey, you’re just abusing your position as a highfalutin tech columnist to make anecdotal complaints here!” — well, you’re not entirely wrong.

As Uber Drives Into India, It’s Shifting Its Emerging Market Strategy Up A Gear

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 11.38.14 AMTransportation tech startup Uber is continuing its aggressive expansion across Asia. As of this week, it is now live in India, starting first with a luxury car service in its tech capital, Bangalore. The subcontinent may boast a potential market of over a billion, a rising middle class and 164,000 millionaires, but these are silver linings to some possibly darker storm clouds: low credit card and smartphone penetration, inadequate infrastructure, and low levels of disposable income. Uber will try to impose its premium and efficient model on the market, but entrenched indigenous operators, whose lo-fi solutions have thrived, won’t give up their turf without a fight.

Real Estate Startup CommonFloor Solving The Last Mile Problem By Hiring BMWs and Mercs to Chauffeur Indian Customers

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.47.56 PMIndian real estate startup CommonFloor has made its first major move since raising $7.5 million investment from Accel and Tiger Global in July: it is hiring air-conditioned hatchbacks, sedans and luxury cars to ferry aspirational Indians to/from unconstructed properties. In a sense, it is bringing the mountain to Moses.