Can You Hear Me Now, Mickey Mouse?

M-I-C. Talk to Goofy on your cellphone. K-E-Y. Why? Good question.

iPhone and iPod touch vying with game leaders

iPhone and iPod touch have become “serious competitors to Nintendo’s DS handheld and Sony’s PlayStation Portable,” report Nick Wingfield and Christopher Lawton ( And for good reason. Says one gamer who “sold his PSP and may get rid of his DS soon”: “‘I can listen to my iPod and play games at the same time, and when I’m done I can just put it in my pocket.’”

A Camcorder Insurgent Goes HD

Pure Digital, the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley, introduces the new Flip Mino HD camcorder.

Electronics Makers Predict Grinch Will Stay Away

Holiday sales of electronics are expected to rise by only 3.5 percent this year — but that’s better than the sales drops for everything else.

Consumers Aren’t Shopping Online, Either

This economic downturn is hitting e-commerce sites harder than the last one as consumer confidence falls.

Paying for Ads When Craigslist Is Free

Patricia Nakache, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is betting on start-ups that charge for Craigslist-type listings.

In Tough Times, Build Fewer Data Centers

The smartest, greenest, most efficient data center is the one that a company decides it doesn’t need to build.

Al Gore and the Purpose-Driven Web

Al Gore says Web 2.0 needs a higher purpose than idle chatter: fighting global warming.