Intel-powered ZTE Geek arrives in China on July 25th

Intelpowered ZTE Geek arrives in China on July 25th

When we first caught a glimpse of the ZTE Geek in Beijing, it was merely an awkwardly named prototype. Now, it looks like the smartphone with “Intel Inside” will soon be ready for primetime — in China, anyway. It boasts the same Clover Trail+ processor as the Lenovo K900, but with pared-down features that help it achieve a lower price point. The phone’s outfitted with Android (Jelly Bean), a 5-inch 1,080 x 720 pixel display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 1-megapixel front cam, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space. Clearly, it’s not the most tricked-out phone there is, but its price might entice people to try it out. The ZTE Geek will make an exclusive arrival at Jingdong Mall on July 25th, where it’ll retail for ¥1,888 ($307). If you despise cables and your wallet can take a hit, you can also get one bundled with a wireless charging kit for ¥2,288 ($372).

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Via: Engadget Chinese (translated)

Source: ZTE (Sina Weibo)

Growing Up Geek: Steve Dent

Welcome to Growing Up Geek, a feature where we take a look back at our youth, and tell stories of growing up to be the nerds that we are. This week, we have our very own Steve Dent!

DNP Growing Up Geek Steve Dent

If you make a bad career choice when you’re young, don’t worry — I’m living proof that everything can still work out. Maybe I should’ve known I wouldn’t be a great civil engineer when I pursued it after high school. My predilection for daydreaming wasn’t suited to such a rigorous field, and resulted in early childhood trauma like the infamous “spacing out in class during a fire drill” episode — which was not great considering that the school I went to at the time actually did burn down a year or two later (luckily while empty). In fact, as a child living in Vanderhoof, BC, Canada, I was happiest with a book, or Spider-Man comic, and being plopped in front of the TV, and it was a good thing that video games still hadn’t arrived. When Pong ushered in that era, I became dangerously obsessed, even though we had a bum Atari machine that only worked for a few minutes before the ball would weirdly pass through the paddle.


Gay-Rights Activists Use Web to Organize Global Rally

Well after the election, the Web continues to be a force to rally activists, including a new effort to fight bans on gay marriage.

Jani Monoses: Democracy is buggy too, you know

Stephen, while Connecticut failed at the specific aspect of democracy you mention, it sure beat California at common sense, decency and tolerance. You have just cheered for an unfortunate manifestation of a weakness of democracy, namely the tyranny of the majority.

By this logic, if 80% of the electorate voted for kicking the other 20% in the nuts we should be happy that democratic values are upheld. So I am inclined to believe that your and others’ problem is not that the Connecticut decision was made by 8 judges, but rather the decision itself.

I have read plenty of argumented pro gay-marriage posts in the blogospehere, but nothing similar from the opposing side. Stephen or anyone care to write one up and explain what are the benefits in this case of making other people feel miserable ūüôā ? I am truly interested in plausible arguments convincingly written up in one’s own words and not just in links to websites.

thank you