Intel-powered ZTE Geek arrives in China on July 25th

When we first caught a glimpse of the ZTE Geek in Beijing, it was merely an awkwardly named prototype. Now, it looks like the smartphone with “Intel Inside” will soon be ready for primetime — in China, anyway. It boasts the same Clover Trail+ pro…

Growing Up Geek: Steve Dent

Welcome to Growing Up Geek, a feature where we take a look back at our youth, and tell stories of growing up to be the nerds that we are. This week, we have our very own Steve Dent! If you make a bad career choice when you’re young, don’t worry –…

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Jani Monoses: Democracy is buggy too, you know

Stephen, while Connecticut failed at the specific aspect of democracy you mention, it sure beat California at common sense, decency and tolerance. You have just cheered for an unfortunate manifestation of a weakness of democracy, namely the tyranny of the …