Android co-founder’s new smartphone confirmed to run Android

 The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut product of his new company Essential, will indeed run Android for its operating system. It looked that way from the tiny peek at the corner we got from Rubin’s tweet earlier this week, but now Google’s Eric Schmidt has confirmed it’ll be one of a few “phenomenal new choices for Android users coming very… Read More

Does anyone actually want to use a phone as a desktop?

Samsung is entering an increasingly crowded club with its new Dex dock, which turns the Galaxy S8 into a pseudo-desktop replacement. It's an idea most recently pushed by Microsoft with Windows Continuum (as seen in HP's Elite X3 and the Lumia 950), b…

Facebook opens up 360-degree live streaming to all

 Facebook just made live streaming 360-degree video relatively easy, provided you have the equipment to capture the content. Users of devices like the new 2017 model Gear 360 just announced at the S8 smartphone launch, or the Insta360 Nano (for iPhone) and Air (for Android), or a host of higher-end models designed for pros, you can go live and broadcast an immersive feed for your audience.… Read More

Garmin announces a new watch just for runners and those who think they are runners

 Garmin is back again with the Forerunner 935, a runner-specific sport watch with GPS, heart rate, and compatibility with the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod that offers further information about your speed, gait, and how often you double over in absolute agony as your unexercised organs scream from inside their fleshy fastnesses. The 935 also helps manage training with the TrainingPeaks app and… Read More

The Martix Voice is an Alexa for your Raspberry Pi

 Matrix Labs just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign for what amounts to a AI voice recognition system for the Raspberry Pi which allows you, a mere mortal, to make your own Alexa in your basement. Created by Rodolfo Saccoman and Brian Sanchez their first board, the Creator, fits right on top of a standard RaspPi and gives you an 8 microphone array, a temperature sensor,… Read More

Samsung squeezed a smart home hub into a WiFi router

Samsung isn't content with simply unveiling the Galaxy S8 today. In addition to its latest flagship phone, the company is also showing off a new Gear 360 camera, a desktop dock and, interestingly enough, a router. The Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System…

Xbox One gets Beam streaming, a new guide and more starting today

 Xbox One is getting an update starting today, echoing some of the major changes coming to Windows in its forthcoming Creators Update. The big new additions include streaming via Microsoft’s own Twitch competitor Beam, as well as a brand new Xbox user experience made up of a new design for Guide, improvements to Home and more. The new features are designed around encouraging gamers to… Read More

Microsoft’s best Surface Book finally comes to the UK

Five months after its grand reveal, Microsoft's Surface Book with Performance Base is finally coming to the UK. Why it's taken so long to cross the pond isn't clear, but never mind — it'll do until the Surface Book 2 comes along. If you need a remin…