Crunch Report | Apple Confirms Shazam Acquisition

Apple confirms its Shazam acquisition, MyEtherWallet knockoff goes live on the App Store and is now removed and the NFL is partnering with Verizon and is now streaming football games to everyone. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Microsoft extends NFL deal for Surface on the sidelines

About five years ago, Microsoft scored a $400 million deal to supply the NFL with Surface tablets. With the deal about to expire, the football league just renewed its partnership for the sideline tech with Microsoft for another year, according to a r…

CBS TV channels are back on Dish

Following an intentional three-day blackout, CBS channels are available once again for Dish customers, as the two companies have reached an agreement in a financial dispute.

CBS and Dish have been feuding for months: CBS wanted Dish to pay higher fe…

Bloomberg: Verizon’s new NFL streaming deal will stretch to TV

Since 2010, Verizon's wireless arm has had an arrangement for streaming NFL games to phones (and, after they became a thing, also tablets), but Bloomberg reports it will stretch to TVs soon. According to unnamed sources, both parties are close to a n…

Wembley to host English football’s first video ref this week

The German Bundesliga uses it, the American MLS is on board, but never before has the video assistant referee (VAR) system officiated a formal match in the home of football: England. That changes this Friday when England plays Germany at Wembley Stad…

‘Football Manager 2018’ will have gay players

Game developer Sports Interactive has done well at grabbing headlines and getting ahead of the curve to reflect current events. Four months after Brexit, the company announced that Football Manager 2017 would include potential scenarios reflecting pl…

FIFA and EA will put on the first-ever ‘eWorld Cup’ next year

FIFA and Electronic Arts are taking their partnership to the logical conclusion point: the pair will put on the first-ever eWorld Cup next August. Competition starts next month on November 3rd. From the press release:

Justin Timberlake Will Perform in Super Bowl Halftime Show

Timberlake previously performed during the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII with Janet Jackson.