This edible sensor could help keep food fresh

 Making sure fresh food is kept at the right temperature during transit is a harder problem than one might think — but the Swiss are on the job. Not only did they create robo-fruit to mix in with the real ones, but another research team has created a biodegradable temperature sensor that sticks to food all the way from its starting point to the inside of your mouth. Read More

Naspers invests another $775M in food take-out giant Delivery Hero

 Naspers, the South African media and internet giant, has upped its stake in Delivery Hero, the Berlin based food-delivery giant that went public earlier this year and has a market cap of $6.8 billion. Naspers has acquired another 13 percent of the company, 22.4 million shares, equivalent to about €660 million ($775 million), from Rocket Internet. Naspers now owns 26.3 percent of the… Read More

Yomee wants to take the guesswork out of culturing yogurt at home

 In a post-Juicero world, the bar has been set high for any piece of smart kitchen hardware that only makes one type of food. Enter Yomee, which bills itself as the Keurig of fresh yogurt and is now raising funds on Kickstarter. Lecker Labs, the startup behind Yomee, hopes that its relatively low price (each unit will retail for $99) and cost-savings will let it succeed where Juicero failed. Read More

M&S is tentatively trialling one-hour food deliveries

Marks and Spencer (M&S) is finally coming round to the idea of letting customers order food online for speedy home delivery. The upmarket retailer has confirmed it's taking some very tentative first steps with a home delivery service in the Camde…

Albertsons snaps up meal kit startup Plated

 In a first for national grocery chains, Albertsons is buying the healthy meal kit delivery startup Plated for an undisclosed amount, brokered by Credit Suisse Group AG. Read More

Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup

 Having successfully founded and exited a couple of software companies, Tomfoolery (sold to Yahoo) and Rally Up (sold to AOL), Sol Lipman has made his move into dog wellness with the launch of YaDoggie. YaDoggie aims to help dog parents take a holistic approach to caring for their pups. And it has an impressive group of tech investors on board, including Oath CEO Tim Armstrong (my… Read More

Olfaguard is an electronic nose for smelling pathogens in food factories

 A recent deadly outbreak of salmonella has so far sickened more than 200 people throughout the Eastern and Southern United States. The culprit? Madrol papayas coming from three different distribution companies, all originating from four close by farms in Mexico. Now these distributers, the FDA and the CDC are scrambling to contain the outbreak from going further. Meanwhile, several law firms… Read More

MealPal gobbles $20M for its restaurant meal subscription service

 We’ve seen a huge wave of food-on-demand startups hit the market in the last several years: those who deliver restaurant food, those who deliver meal kits to you, those who bring groceries, and those who are building machines to help you eat better at home are just a few of the variations on the theme that have come (and gone). In one of the latest variations, a startup called MealPal… Read More