YC-Backed Nomiku, Maker of An Affordable Sous Vide Machine, Gets Into Software With Tender App

5_BiRiteDelivery_CompoundButter_Steak As I’ve written before, the backstory behind YC-backed Nomiku will give you a sweet tooth.
Both literally and figuratively.
Girl meets boy. They fall in love. They start teaching DIY classes on building hardware for the kitchen. BOOM. Hardware startup. (Actually, it’s never that simple.)
But in any case, Nomiku has come a long way in a year. The company, which makes the… Read More

PiJuice Adds Power To Your Pirojects

178edf711d509f527bcd148f2cdcabb7_large If you’ve ever used a Raspberry Pi you’ll notice that it’s great until you need to unplug it. While you can add a battery (the PiPhone had one), it’s not quite as easy as all that. Now, however, you can simply plug in the PiJuice and power your Pi on the fly. The PiJuice is a “hat” that fits on top of the Raspberry Pi and includes a 1400 mAh battery,… Read More

Yelp Buys Delivery Network Eat24 For $134M To Ramp Up In Food Operations

eat24 yelp Another acquisition for Yelp that will take the local listings company even deeper into commerce and food-related services. It’s gobbling up Eat24, a U.S. food delivery business that competes with GrubHub, Delivery.com and others in the area of delivering food on behalf of various restaurants. Yelp is paying $134 million for Eat24, with $75 million in cash and the rest in Yelp shares,… Read More

The Greasy Underpan Of Restaurant Tech

greasy This story is repeated hundreds of times across the country, and it goes a little bit like this. A group of tech savvy people go out to eat at a restaurant, and wonder why modern mobile technology has completely bypassed the industry. “Why can’t I push a button on my phone to re-order a beer,” they commonly ask? “I wish we could just split the tab using a simple app on… Read More

Built In Brooklyn: Farmigo Brings Local Produce To Schools, Offices, And Homes

Farmigo collage Food startup Farmigo is a San Francisco transplant — like me.
The company was initially based on the West Coast, and it still has team members there (as well as in Tel Aviv, Israel). But two years ago, Farmigo’s headquarters, as well as its founder and CEO Benzi Ronen, moved across the country to Brooklyn, giving us an unusual perspective for the latest episode of Built in Brooklyn. Read More

Fish And Serve

Fish And Serve

Fish And Serve Time to Trout Fish! Go after cutthroats, browns and rainbows in the great northwest! Your lil Fisher buddy has to catch 6 “fish of the day” to win! Switch out bait to match the fish’s request!Youve got 3 minutes of fishing fun to win!

Delivery Hero Takes Majority Stake In Its Big Rival In Korea, Baedaltong

korea moped delivery Delivery Hero, the Berlin-based takeout food delivery company, has made no secret of its appetite to scale up its business in Asia and elsewhere on the heels of its most recent $350 million funding round. Today comes the latest development in that strategy: the company has taken a “substantial” investment in Baedaltong, one of Korea’s biggest food ordering companies.… Read More

Amazon Has Launched A GrubHub Rival For Food Takeout & Delivery

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 17.40.08 Back in June, we wrote about how Amazon was preparing to take on companies like Seamless, Grubhub and DeliveryHero with a restaurant takeout and delivery service that would sit within its Amazon Local app and website. Now that service is live. The Takeout & Delivery feature was quietly turned on over last weekend — when many were probably still working their way through… Read More