Samsung Flaunts Its Smartphone Lead By Opening An R&D Center On Nokia’s Doorstep

Image (1) samsung_logo_crown-300x268.jpg for post 47500Not content with following Nokia’s past playbook, by saturating the mobile market with countless iterations of its smartphone hardware, pushing a whole Galaxy of gizmos at every price point and form-factor fancy you can think of, Samsung has gone one further. It’s opened an R&D centre in Espoo, Finland, right on Nokia’s doorstep. Literally on Nokia’s doorstep.

Mobile Miscellany: week of April 23rd, 2012

Not all mobile news is destined for the front page, but if you’re like us and really want to know what’s going on, then you’ve come to the right place. This past week, we learned that ZTE intends to release a phablet of its own, and Samsung unseated …