After Math: Perfidy!

It was a big week for companies doing shady dealings. The Red Sox got popped stealing signs from the Yankees, Equifax is currently bungling perhaps the largest personal data leak in US history, and Facebook — despite months of denials — turns out a…

EU countries aim to raise tech firms’ taxes by targeting revenue

It's no secret that European countries want major tech firms to pay more taxes, but how will they go about that beyond collecting back taxes? By taxing the companies where they'll feel it the most, that's how. The finance ministers of France, Germany…

Even more US adults now getting news from social media, says Pew

 New research by Pew suggests there has been another increase in the proportion of U.S. adults getting news via social media platforms. Read More

Recommended Reading: Hollywood is really mad at Rotten Tomatoes

Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes
Brooks Barnes,
The New York Times

The film scores tallied by Rotten Tomatoes are what many moviegoers use to decide how to spend their money. As you might expect, this doesn't make some folks in Hollywood too happy. In…

Crunch Report | So About That Equifax Hack

Crunch Report Equifax Today’s Stories  Here comes the class action lawsuit after Equifax’s massive hack FBI probes Uber’s use of software to target rival Lyft Facebook plans to spend up to $1B on original shows in 2018 Spotify is starting a music event as Apple ends its music festival Credits Written and Hosted by: Anthony Ha Filmed by: Luke Miller Edited by: Joe Zolnoski Notes: Tito Hamze is… Read More

Facebook adds a dedicated ‘Movies’ section offering showtimes and ticket sales

 Some Facebook users have noticed a new section called “Movies” appearing in the mobile app’s main navigation. The feature offers a way to see which movies are playing nearby, available showtimes and a list of local theaters and their movie selections. The section is powered through an integration with Fandango’s booking service, so you can buy a movie ticket right from… Read More

Facebook and Instagram are home to the new ‘Club Mickey Mouse’ show

The show that gave us Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Annette Funicello is getting retooled for modern audiences. Except instead of Club Mickey Mouse broadcasting on Disney Channel, like Mickey Mouse Club did before it, the show w…

Facebook’s widening role in electing Trump

Facebook admitted this week that a Russian propaganda mill used the social media giant's ad service for political operation around the 2016 campaign. This came out when sources revealed to The Washington Post on Wednesday that Facebook was grilled by…