LogMeIn’s Rescue Lens Lets Customer Support Reps See The Problem Through Your Smartphone’s Camera

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.15.05 PM LogMeIn, the makers of a variety of remote access solutions for business and personal use, is today launching a new service that will allow any company to provide video-assisted customer support, using only the camera on a customer’s iOS or Android mobile device. The idea is that a customer support representative would be able to tap into a live feed in order to remotely help with… Read More

Slack’s In Talks With Coatue, Others For Another Round At A $2.5B Valuation

slack-large Slack, the communication platform that has taken the workplace world by storm, is on a roll of another sort. After announcing a fundraise of $120 million at a $1 billion-plus valuation less than six months ago, TechCrunch has heard that the company is talking to investors for yet another round, this time at a valuation of around $2.5-2.6 billion. Investors that we have heard involved in… Read More

Your Windows 10 Password Will Be Your Face

windows10 Microsoft announced this morning two components of Windows 10, its next operating system, that will help users log into both hardware and digital services. Windows Hello will allow users with machines that have the required hardware to log into their computing device using their face, eyes, or fingerprint. Not all machines will run Windows Hello. Microsoft noted in a blog post that computers… Read More

McDonalds Teams With General Assembly For Employee Training Pilot

Teaching a General Assembly Class McDonald’s announced a partnership with General Assembly today at South by Southwest. They are launching a pilot program in which a small subset of McDonald’s employees can take one of two GA courses and receive a monthly stipend for the duration of the courses. The idea is take qualified people who can’t afford to take the classes, but could have technology skills,… Read More

YC-Backed Pakible Makes It Dead Simple For Businesses To Design, Ship Packaging

Reddit_box_5 With e-commerce startups breaking into eyewear, beauty, shaving, monthly subscriptions products and more, there will be plenty of need for boxes and packaging. That’s where Pakible, a Y Combinator-backed startup, is hoping to come in. Founded by Nick Carson and Phillip Akhzar, who used to work for iPhone and iPad repair startup iCracked, the company makes it simple for any business… Read More

OnboardIQ Simplifies Hiring For On-Demand Startups

OnboardIQ OnboardIQ streamlines the process of hiring the thousands of people needed to get a baseline of quality service in a city at an on-demand startup. Launching as a private beta today, OnboardIQ’s team takes your onboarding funnel and automates what it can, leaving HR with more time to spend on looking through applications and interviewing candidates. Read More

Greenhouse Rakes In $13.6M B From Benchmark To Save You From Recruiting Hell

maxresdefault Hiring is the No. 1 thing founders waste their time on. Not because it’s not important. Bad hires can be toxic. But because it’s inefficient. Sourcing, interviewing and selecting candidates is tough enough, and most recruiting tools can’t tell you where you’re burning time or money. Yet Greenhouse can. After its 450 customers, including Evernote, Zenefits, and Venmo,… Read More

Get Ready For Box’s Earnings

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.04.40 AM Box, a cloud storage and productivity company, will report its first quarterly earnings result today after the bell. The market expects Box to announce a $39.75 million loss on revenue of $58.03 million. Billings are expected to total $80.85 million for the period — Box’s fourth quarter of its fiscal 2015. Read More