Cordell Mosson of Parliament-Funkadelic Dies at 60

Pete La Roca Sims, Jazz Drummer With Swing, Dies at 74

iDrum lets you rock out like Animal on your iDevice for $70

If using almost any surface as an instrument to drop some beats is out of the question, Dream Cheeky’s iDrum might be a decent second choice. The rechargeable, seven-piece drum kit connects to any iDevice running iOS 5 or higher via Bluetooth and rin…

Real Drums 4.4 – Turns Your iPhone into Professional Drums

iPhoneXCoder has announced new version Real Drums 4.4 for iPhone and iPod touch. Real Drums turns any iPhone or iPod touch into professional drums. Easily set instruments and sound kits from the application menu. Real Drums was developed to give you the best sound performance with no latency. Real Drums features 10 sound-set and types of drums, including bongos and special kitchen drums made with real kitchen pots and pans. Start iTunes and play along to your favorite songs.