They Told the Women in Bahia They Couldn’t Drum. Try Telling That to Banda Didá.

Meet the all-female Brazilian drum group that is challenging gender norms.

Trilobites: Drumming Cockatoos and the Rhythms of Love

Palm cockatoos are the only animals observed to use tools for rhythmic drumming, seemingly to attract mates, prompting speculation about the rise of human music.

Ikutaro Kakehashi, Engineer Behind Revolutionary Drum Machine, Dies at 87

The founder of the Roland Corporation, Mr. Kakehashi made the beloved 808 drum machine and hundreds of other instruments.

A Thundering Drumbeat Like No Other

Kodo, the preeminent taiko drumming ensemble from Japan, is currently playing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This 360° video puts you in the middle of their booming drum circle.

Clyde Stubblefield, the ‘Funky Drummer’ for James Brown, Dies at 73

Mr. Stubblefield was best known for a drum solo near the end of a 1969 Brown song he “didn’t like” that became the ubiquitous breakbeat of hip-hop’s sampling era.

Confessions of a ‘Rock Band 4’ drum queen

"Drums are hard."

That was the verdict from my boyfriend after a raucous night playing Rock Band 4 with a group of friends. He's a guitarist, in both the physical and digital realms, and to him, Rock Band 4's drums are an anomaly. The rhythms are…

Doudou N’diaye Rose, Senegalese Drummer and ‘Human Treasure,’ Dies at 85

Mr. Rose became an emissary of his native culture’s joyous and complex rhythms, touring with percussion orchestras in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Cordell Mosson of Parliament-Funkadelic Dies at 60

Mr. Mosson played bass, drums and rhythm guitar in George Clinton’s group, Parliament-Funkadelic, for more than 40 years.