DISH TV Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

dish Another day, another major corporation accepting BTC. This time it’s DISH TV, a satellite TV provider that is working with Coinbase to accept bitcoin payments online. Why is this news? Well, considering Overstock is now accepting $15,000 a day in Bitcoin sales, there is clearly some demand for paying for goods and services in cryptocurrency. Is this a gimmick on DISH’s part,… Read More

Dish Makes $25.5B Bid For Sprint To Snatch It Out Of Softbank’s Hands

sprintlogoA dramatic turn of events in the ongoing story of U.S. carrier consolidation: Dish Network is launching a $25.5 billion bid for number-three carrier Sprint, amounting to $17.3 billion in cash and $8.2 billion in stock. If successful, the deal would effectively snatch Sprint out of the hands of Japanese carrier Softbank, which in October announced that it would pay $20.5 billion for a 70% stake in Sprint.

What’s All The Fuss About? Up Close With The Dish Hopper With Slingbox, The Device That Caused CNET To Implode

Hopper_with_Sling_and_Joey_Beauty_610x294About a month ago, if you’ll remember, the very fabric of the Internet journalism game was rent asunder when CNET’s parent company, CBS, refused to let it write about the Dish Hopper with Slingbox, a DVR with a system to view your shows remotely built in. More important, however, is the Hopper’s ability to “hop” past commercials in prime-time TV a few days after the show aired, allowing you to, say, blow past the commercials in Modern Family while managing a two-handed bong. It is, as they say, indistinguishable from magic.