Cyanogen Launches Installer App To Bring Aftermarket Android To The Masses

cyanogenCyanogen Inc. revealed a few months back that it closed a $7 million seed investment from Benchmark Capital. The vision it laid out at the time was no small one: it wants its cooked version of Android to become the third most-used mobile OS behind iOS and Android proper.

Naturally, that involves getting CyanogenMod onto as many devices as it can, and today the company took one giant leap in that direction. They’ve just made it easier for average folks to flash their software onto their smartphones with an installer app available in the Google Play Store.

Oppo’s First Cyanogen-Modded Smartphone Will Launch In December

oppo-n1_00As much as I love stock Android sometimes you just need something different, and that’s essentially been the guiding mission of the folks over at Cyanogen Inc.

They’ve made plenty of strides with their customized version of Android over the past few months, but now they’re on the verge of a big milestone — after officially revealing the thing back in September, Chinese OEM Oppo announced earlier today that its first Cyanogen-modded smartphone will launch internationally in December.

Wait, what? Who’s Oppo?