Xiaomi’s New Scaled-Down Smart TV Offers A 1080p Experience For $322

163507ey4mfzz4ikffevkh Xiaomi teased its new smart TV earlier this week. Rather than the third-generation product many expected, it today unveiled a smaller and cheaper version of its (already reasonably priced) Mi TV 2. Read More

Alibaba Makes Strategic Investment In Israeli Venture Firm JVP

Alibaba Share 68 Two months after making its first investment in Israel, Alibaba is digging deeper into the country’s startup ecosystem. Venture capital firm JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners) announced yesterday that it will partner with the e-commerce giant to give financial support to promising startups. The amount of money both companies will invest together was not disclosed. Read More

Chutzpah Lessons From The Israeli Startup Scene

563170507_d1223ef77d_o It’s no wonder that with over 4,000 startups in the Greater Tel Aviv area, Israel is ranked 1st in the world for innovative capacity in 2014 by the IMD Global Competitiveness Yearbook. Read More

Anti-Censorship Service Greatfire Is Under Attack

China Internet Shutterstock Greatfire, a service that monitors blocked websites in China, is suffering from a DDOS attack that is sending 2.6 billion requests per hour to its servers – a 2500% increase in traffic – with the aim of destroying the business. The company is currently seeing $30,000 in bandwidth fees per day and but is hoping for amnesty from Amazon who hosts its data. NGO’s use the service… Read More

Yahoo Is Closing Its Office In China And Laying Off Hundreds Of Staff

china Yahoo is bidding adios to China with the closure of its research center in Beijing — its only location in the country — as SCMP first reported. Hundreds of staff are expected to be laid off. Read More

With $29M In Funding, Memebox Brings Korean Beauty Products To The World

Memebox For many people around the world, their exposure to Korean pop culture is still limited to the aural and visual wonders of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video. In much of Asia, however, the demand for Korean entertainment and products is so strong that it even has a special term in Chinese and Japanese that means the “Korean Wave.” Beauty products are a breakout export… Read More

Will The Apple Watch Be China’s New Addiction?

IMG_8964 According to a MarketWatch report, a man named “Zeng” from Guangzhou, China told police that he was selling drugs to finance his Apple Watch purchase. He had his eye on a mid-level Apple Watch Steel version, which will start around $668 USD in China, as opposed to the starting U.S. price point of $549. Zeng, 21, was arrested on Tuesday at a train station after trying to sell drugs to… Read More

Apple Grabbed Record 25% Share Of Smartphone Sales In China: Kantar

apple-1-infinite-loop Apple’s continued progress in China saw the company claim one-quarter of smartphone sales in urban areas in the country for the first time, according to a new report from Kantar. Read More