Iran bans ‘Clash of Clans’ for encouraging tribal conflict

The Iranian government has been censoring internet for years to keep its citizens from exposing themselves to content it deems inappropriate or radical. Now the people have been saved from another toxic scourge: The mobile game Clash of Clans. The co…

Turkey says it’s investigating 10,000 social network users

Turkey has been cracking down on internet activity at a frenetic pace ever since an attempted military coup in the summer, and it's now clear that there are a lot of people caught in the dragnet. The country's interior ministry has revealed that off…

Signal for Android update ducks censorship, adds stickers and doodles

White digital padlock over circuit board ground As mainstream interest in online privacy expands, Signal wants to grow along with it. This week, the app added two features, one a serious response to international censorship and the other a light, fluffy feature set meant to make the app even more user friendly for those who might be new to this whole encryption thing. As detailed in a post on the Open Whisper Systems blog, the latest… Read More

Turkey maintains Tor block, flicks social networks offline for 12 hours

The Republic of Turkey flag hangs on the side of a building as show of solidarity following a July 15 Coup. (DoD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro) In light of the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, Turkey further tightened its already restrictive limits on certain forms of Internet use. The most recent censorship thrust followed the revelation that the state now blocks Tor within its borders. Turkey appears to have clamped down on social app use for a roughly 12 hour period following the international incident.… Read More

Fake news could cost Facebook dearly in Germany

Fake news and hate speech are sadly unavoidable on social media, but that might change soon… in Germany, anyway. Late last week, Thomas Oppermann — chairman of the German Social Democratic Party — proposed a stringent law meant to hold…

Turkey blocks Tor’s anonymity network

Turkey's President Erdogan and the ruling AKP party are increasingly bent on silencing online dissent, and that now affects you even if you're smart enough to evade typical censorship methods. Watchdog group Turkey Blocks has confirmed that Turkey is…

Scientists copy climate change data in fear of a Trump crackdown

Donald Trump's incoming presidency won't be kind to climate change science, and that's making both scientists and government divisions nervous — to the point where they're taking unusually drastic actions. Researchers at multiple North American ins…

Hacker News calls for “political detox,” critics cry censorship

censorship Can social media even exist without political debate? What about trolls? Hacker News, the social news site run by Y Combinator, is trying to find out.
The head of the Hacker News community since 2014, Daniel Gackle (whose HN handle is “dang”) on Monday initiated a site-wide “Political Detox Week.”
To introduce the temporary ban on political content, Gackle… Read More