To Get Off Russia’s Blacklist, GitHub Has Blocked Access To Pages That Highlight Suicide

github russia GitHub is slowly navigating the tricky waters of Internet censorship in Russia, using its own platform to track how it’s doing it in an effort to remain transparent, but also agreeing to block pages that the regulator says offend content regulations. “We have since blocked access within the Russian Federation to the specific content which was flagged as prohibited by law… Read More

China Even Censors Information About The Weather

Russia Blocks Ukrainian Activists Websites For Encouraging “Terrorist Activity”

As Russia continues its military intervention into the revolution-rocked Ukraine, authorities are now blocking 13 activist websites on the Russian social media network, VKontakte. The Russian Prosecutor’s General Office ordered the agency’s overseeing media, Roskomnadzor, to block off dissident websites, accusing them of encouraging “terrorist activity,” reports the AP.… Read More

Georgetown Journal: In Guyana, Feeling Stifled After Needling Government in Song

A conflict has surfaced between the Guyanese government and calypso singers, who accuse it of repressing their often politically charged music by keeping it off the airwaves.    

Pirate Bay releases ‘PirateBrowser’ to sail round censorship, mark ten years on the ocean wave

The Pirate Bay may be many things, but one that it is not, is a pushover. It’s moved location, received continuous heat from various courts, and, of course, done some time. But still, it doesn’t give up. The latest effort is a browser designed to …

Saints Row IV loses ‘alien narcotics’ mission to gain approval in Australia

We knew the Australian Classification Board had fundamental objections to Saints Row IV. What we didn’t know, however, was that these sticking points boiled down to just a single 20-minute side mission, in which the player gained superpowers by sm…

UK reportedly wants internet filters labeled as ‘default-on,’ true or not

It’s no secret that some British residents want an active-by-default internet filter to keep kids away from salacious content. However, the BBC now claims that the UK government wants to falsely imply that this filter already exists. According to …

Ask Engadget: best smartphone for a teenager?

We know you’ve got questions, and if you’re brave enough to ask the world for answers, then here’s the outlet to do so. This week’s Ask Engadget inquiry is from Gingernut2K, who wants to talk about responsible parenting and not being too much of a…