ECJ to rule on whether Facebook needs to hunt for hate speech

 Austria’s Supreme Court is referring a legal challenge over the extent of Facebook’s responsibility to remove hate speech postings to Europe’s top court for an opinion. The case has clear implications for freedom of speech online. Read More

Europe keeps up the pressure on social media over illegal content takedowns

 The European Union’s executive body is continuing to pressure social media firms to get better at removing illegal content from their platforms before it has a chance to spread further online.  Read More

Telegram and Instagram being restricted in Iran

 Messaging app Telegram and Facebook-owned social sharing platform Instagram appear to be being blocked in Iran. Read More

Iran blocks internet services in bid to quash protests

It's a busy weekend for oppressive governments trying to suppress digital communication. Iran has blocked mobile access to at least Telegram and Instagram as it tries to thwart protests that started over economic concerns (particularly inflation), b…

Congo orders cuts to internet and SMS to stifle protests

Authoritarian leaders are fond of severing communications in a bid to hold on to power, and that tradition sadly isn't going away. The Democratic Republic of Congo's government has ordered telecoms to cut internet and SMS access ahead of planned mass…

Telegram suspends channel for encouraging violent Iran protests

Iran is currently engulfed in demonstrations: many are protesting the clerical leadership, corruption and increasing costs of living, while counter-protestors are trying to protect the regime. And Telegram finds itself caught in the middle. The cha…

China’s censors have taken down 13,000 websites in 3 years

It's no secret that China is fond of censorship. Now, however, the country has divulged numbers that give a sense of that crackdown's scale. A report from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has revealed that China has either s…

Twitter will tell users if content was blocked to comply with local laws or legal demands

 Twitter will now display messages to inform users if blocked tweets were withheld to comply with local laws or court orders, which it calls Country Withheld Content (CWC). The public already has information about CWC through notices sent directly to affected accounts, Lumen, a database of legal requests for the removal of online content, and Twitter’s own biannual transparency reports.… Read More