Active NBA Center Jason Collins Comes Out Of The Closet


In an unprecedented move, 12-year NBA Center Jason Collins has come out of the closet on the cover of Sports Illustrated, making him the first openly gay active professional player from one of the “big four” American sports (baseball, basketball, football and hockey).

Sports Illustrated‘s cover calls Collins “The Gay Athlete,” alluding to recent public discussion that gay professional athletes do exist in professional sports, but until now have remained in the closet out of the fear that bigotry might hurt their careers–or threaten their lives. Of course, Collins isn’t the only gay player the NBA has ever had, nor is he the only known gay professional sports athlete. For example, John Ameachi came out in 2007 after retiring from the NBA and NFL players such as Kwame Davis and Wade Davis are now out as well. What makes Collins unique is unlike the other openly gay players, he didn’t wait for retirement to announce it.

In a personal essay, Collins explains his reasons for coming out which include the Boston Marathon bombings, his desire to live honestly and his admiration of a friend who proudly marched in the 2012 Boston Pride Parade. Collins has been in the NBA for 12 years and jokes in the article that there’s a parlor game called “Three Degrees of Jason Collins.” He’s been traded between teams so often that “If you’re in the league, and I haven’t been your teammate, I surely have been one of your teammates’ teammates. Or one of your teammates’ teammates’ teammates.”

Collins has already been praised by many people in the media for his courage, but perhaps his biggest supporter is President Bill Clinton, who called it “an important moment for professional sports and in the history of the LGBT community.”

Collins is currently a free agent and would like to continue to play basketball. Given that he’s currently unsigned, it will be interesting to see how the NBA responds to Collins’s very public admission. Will it hurt his career, as many closeted athletes fear, or will the publicity help him get signed?

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Krzyzewski ending tenure as US coach

After leading the United States to two Olympic gold medals, Mike
Krzyzewski is ending his tenure with US national team.

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NBA offers its first free event app to track the All-Star Game through Android, iOS

NBA offers its first free event app to track AllStar games through Android, iOS

The NBA isn’t known for offering much in the way of free apps, or tailoring its efforts around a special event. For the All-Star Game and surrounding events, however, the league is trying both in one shot. Its All-Star 2013 app for Android, iPads and iPhones lets anyone follow along with related scores, news, video highlights and voting for certain MVP awards. Fans fortunate enough to be in Houston for the event also get ticket details and maps. You’ll notice that there’s no mention of live audio or video — the NBA isn’t that kind, unfortunately. Even so, the All-Star app could be helpful for keeping tabs on the Slam Dunk competition without paying for the privilege.

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Tuba Player Now Towers Over L.S.U. Basketball Team

The 7-foot-3 Andrew Del Piero made his first start at center for L.S.U. in a victory against Seton Hall on Nov. 29, capping a remarkable series of events that led him to that moment.

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Nets Have New Anthem for Brooklyn

“Brooklyn: Something to Lean On,” a team song created by the Grammy-nominated artist John Forté, has been galvanizing fans as a symbol of the Nets’ rebirth in New York.

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Kobe Bryant says London is his last Olympics

Kobe Bryant says London is his last Olympics

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Menue Games Releases the Arcade-Inspired Game, Basketball Shootout

[MobilePRwire] – Menue Games (aka Menue, Inc.) recently released Basketball Shootout – an Android game designed for basketball arcade fans. The free version of the game is available for an initial play and the full version can be purchased for more features.

Basketball Shootout has three game modes: practice, arcade and challenge. Customizations for balls and court themes can be purchased or can be unlocked by spending tickets collected by players. Surprise stages are incorporated along the game for more entertainment. Prizes will be awarded as each set of levels are completed adding further incentives to the player to finish the game. A set of achievements can also be attained for personal fulfillment. High scores are recorded both locally and globally for players to set their achievements.

Basketball Shootout can be downloaded in Google Play by following this URL:

Menue Games (aka Menue, Inc.) is an Android application development company which has already created over fifty applications for the entertainment and practical needs of Android device users.

If you would like to know more about this topic go to or send an email to You can also like Menue Games at Facebook or follow MenueGaming at twitter.

Menue Games, also known as Menue, Inc, is a mobile game development studio. Founded in May 2011, the studio has already created over fifty applications that are currently available on the Google Play Store.

Read the full press release at

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Boxscores Never Lie, Tweet Absurd Exaggerations

Earlier today Oklahoma-based website reported on a recent Tweet by Skip Bayless in which the ESPN personality cited his own high school basketball career while making a point about star NBA guard Russell Westbrook.

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

In a Tweet dated March 31, 2012, Bayless reported to his hundreds of thousands of followers on, “I started for high school team that lost in the state finals. Coach didn’t like me b/c I shot too much and he wanted me to be more of a PG (point guard).

In response to the ESPN on-air talent’s claim about his high school basketball career, unearthed images the website reported came from the yearbook of the high school Bayless attended in 1969 and 1970 – the ESPN personality’s junior and senior years at Oklahoma City’s Northwest High School.

Those images established that Bayless had attended the school those years and that he indeed was a member of the Northwest High School basketball team that lost in the Oklahoma high school state basketball finals on March 14, 1970, to Norman High School 47-42.

After the’s post about Bayless today, SbB obtained an image scan of the original account of the Northwest-Norman game printed in the DAILY OKLAHOMAN on March 15, 1970.

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

Included in that account, written by Daily Oklahoman reporter Lynn Garnand, was a box score. ESPN on-air talent Bayless, who 10 days ago claimed to hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers that he “started” for Northwest that season was not mentioned in Garnand’s game story while the stat line of Bayless in the Daily Oklahoman’s box score can be seen as zeroes across the board.

That isn’t to say Bayless didn’t register a single statistic for Northwest that season.

He did, with the operative word being “single.”

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

In its post earlier today also noted statistics printed in the 1970 Northwest yearbook that showed that as a senior Bayless averaged 1.4 points-per-game for the school’s varsity basketball team that season.

As for the junior basketball season of Bayless at Northwest, the same Oklahoma-based website reported that the 1969 Northwest high yearbook indicated the ESPN personality was an on-court contributor to the school’s junior varsity squad but did not appear in the final statistical summary of the Northwest varsity team that season.

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

Sure enough, in a March 14, 1969, Daily Oklahoman box score obtained by SbB today, Bayless contributed the same to Northwest’s 64-60 first round loss to (Tulsa) Hale high school in that year’s Oklahoma state basketball tournament as he did for Northwest in the postseason his senior season.


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