The NBA made an original show for Google’s Daydream VR platform

As part of its 2017 All-Star Weekend festivities, the NBA is launching a virtual reality app for Google's Daydream platform. The main piece of NBA VR is a new series called House of Legends, which the league created specifically for viewing in 360-de…

‘NBA 2K eLeague’ eSports squads will be owned by NBA teams

In 2018, the NBA will team up with Take Two (maker of the NBA 2K videogame series) for a groundbreaking eSports league. That's because this time, the actual NBA franchises will own eSports teams competing for the championship, similar to the way team…

Talking tech with NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley

This year at CES we sat down with the Turner Sports team to hear about what tech-related plans they have for 2017. First we got a chance to speak with Turner Sports’ analysts and NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, who discussed what cool tech they saw at this year’s CES and also how technology is changing the way fans watch sports. Then we talked to… Read More

Hands-on with VR Sports Challenge, the Oculus Touch version of Wii Sports

vr-sports-challenge When the Wii launched, no one knew what motion controller were or why we even needed them. So to get people excited about the new input method, Nintendo released Wii Sports as a free game to anyone who bought the Wii. The game came with Boxing, Bowling, Golf, Tennis and Baseball – all mini games designed to show off the motion controller. It proved to be extremely popular – to… Read More

Stix Basketball

Stix Basketball

Stix Basketball Funny basketball game with 4 different modes to play. Only the best players can get the highscores.rnAim with your mouse and click and release to set the power of shot. rnArrows to walk.

Dish helps you follow out-of-town NBA teams

It's tough being a San Antonio Spurs fan living in New York City, since I can only watch games shown on national TV. With NBA Team Pass, though, that's not a problem. And starting today, Dish is making it available to its subscribers for $119 per sea…

NBA gives you a better view of games on your phone

Just because you can watch live sports on your phone doesn't mean you'll enjoy it — the footage is usually optimized for TV, which sometimes means staring at players the size of ants. You won't have to squint if you're an NBA League Pass customer du…

NBA will livestream weekly games in VR this season

As far as professional sports leagues go, the NBA may be the most tech-forward of the bunch. Last year, for example, it teamed up with NextVR to stream the first game of its 2015-2016 season in virtual reality. Today, both parties are taking that par…